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The winner of the 9th Official Monkee Quiz is:

She Won A Monkees CD ROM!
(Imagine That!)

She won with  79.5 Points!!!

Great Job To Everyone

In order for you to claim your prize, I need to have your mailing addresses.
This notice will also be supplemented by a personal E-Mail from me.
contact me as soon as you can.

Again, Congratulations!!!!!!

Here Are The Answers To Quiz #9

Thanks To Abi, Sarah & Mark!!!

  1. Fill in the missing colors to these song titles relating to The Monkees.

    (This Question is actually counted point-wise as 2 questions).

    Papa Gene's Blues
    Michigan Blackhawk
    Little Red Rider
    Yellow Butterfly
    Shades of Gray
    Nine Times Blue
    Early Morning Blues and Green
    Silver Moon


  2. Peter is the only Monkee never to have been seen wearing a ring on his finger in the TV series.


    Source: "Monkees On Tour" episode

  3. Micky sold his Moog synthesizer to 60's teen idol Bobby Sherman.


    Source: "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees" CD-ROM

  4. In the Monkees' song "No Time" Beatle John Lennon is mentioned.


    Source: Song Lyrics to "No Time" Ringo Starr

    Short Answer:

  5. What were the Monkees professions in "Fairy Tale"?

    Mike - Cobbler, Micky - Inn Keeper, Davy - Tailor, Peter - unemployed

    Source: Fairy Tale episode


  6. Where does Joanne live?

    In a meadow by a pond

    Source: Song Lyrics to "Joanne"

  7. What is Black Beauty?

    Mike's Guitar

    Source: See liner notes of PAC&J

  8. According to song writers Goffin and King what was "Pleasant Valley Sunday" written about?

    South Orange, NJ where they lived

    Source: "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees" CD-ROM


  9. Which Monkees song was similar to the Rolling Stone's "19th Nervous Breakdown?"

    Auntie Grizelda

    Source: "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees" CD-ROM

  10. The 8-button shirts, suggested by Mike, were inspired by whom?

    John Wayne

    Source: "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees" CD-ROM

  11. What were the names of the Monkees in early scripts?

    Wool Hat, Wendell, Rick, and S.J.

    Source: "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees" CD-ROM

  12. In musical measures, what time signature is "Love Is Only Sleeping" set in?

    7/4 and 4/4

    Source: Mark's Song Book

    Multiple Choice

  13. What word is on Micky's bass drum in "Head"?


    Source: The Movie "Head."

  14. How many girls does Peter get kissed by in the episode "One Man Shy"?


    Source: Monkees Scrapbook

  15. Who was the 1st Monkee to leave the group?


    Source: Common Monkee Knowledge!

  16. What are the careers of the women that Micky sings about in "I Love You Better"?

    B. history teacher, ballet dancer, gospel singer

    Source: Lyrics to "I Love You Better"

  17. What Monkees song was released in Spain under the title "Un bocadito tú, otro yo"?

    A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You

    Source: 45 owned by Sarah.

  18. What is the name of the recent UK Monkees compilation CD that went silver with sales exceeding 100,000 in only two weeks from it's release date?

    The Definitive Monkees

    Source: http://www.bandsix.btinternet.co.uk/latestnews.htm


    Short Essay:

  19. Who is Henry Diltz? What connection does he have with the Monkees?

    Photographer for the Monkees and other groups, played clarinet in "Shake 'Em Up." Became personal friend of the Monkees
    Source: Numerous photos!!


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