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The winner of the 16th Official Monkee Quiz is:
Michelle Taylor!!!
She Won a Monkees Archives #2 CD!
She won with  100 Points!!!

Great Job To Everyone!

Monkees Quiz #16 Answers:

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Match The Correct Answer

  1. In "Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers", what "time" is the caption listed on the screen?

    6:40 Central Time

    Ref: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Kidnappers, oh can’t you just guess where else? Oh go on you know it by now surely The Monkees Film & T V Vault: http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html only it’s in the captions section not the normal place that’s used…… any one who wants to argue over 7.40 Eastern, just wait till you watch the eppi as that is what Peter says the caption flashes up 6.40 Central I know cause I checked!

  2. Which musical instrument did Peter NOT learn to play?

    The Violin

    Ref: The Peter Tork Songbook: http://www17.pair.com/sandauer/ptsongbook.htm also many zines, mags, books, ask him if you meet him…… He up to now has never said it’s one of the things he can play.

  3. How much did it cost to produce the 1997 TV Special "Hey, Hey We're The Monkees"?

    $ 1,000,000

    Ref: Monkee Business Fanzine #80, and wait for it……….. good ole Film & T V Vault: http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html lots of other zines reported it too and no doubt it’s out there on the great internet on other sites too. Makes you wonder if they spent it all on the Special? Or if a lot of it got in a few rounds at the pub as they rubbed their hands in greedy glee…….

  4. According to Bob Rafelson, what was the budget for filming "Head"?

    $ 790,000

    Ref: Hey Hey We’re The Monkees Harold Bronson edition pg 146. It’s what he says and we have to go by it I guess. Makes me wonder how much it would cost in today’s terms…… if anybody knows please contact me.

  5. Who was the Channel 7 News reporter [on American TV of course] Davy dated in October 1968?

    Sharen Reeves

    Ref: Daydream Believin’ pg 79 as far as I know it’s not in They Made A cause it’s a little newspaper cutting so it might just have been one of those publicity things…. Davy do things for publicity NEVER!

  6. Match the Monkees costumes/disguises to the correct episode (You may cut & paste appropriate matches in the box next to corresponding questions):

    a. Davy as a swordsman:                  Royal Flush
    b. Monkees as football players:         Son of a Gypsy
    c. Peter & Davy wearing bunny ears:  Monkees Take Manhattan
    d. Micky as a newspaper boy:            Devil & Peter Tork
    e. Mike as a doctor:                         Case of Missing Monkee

    1. Monkees Take Manhattan
    2. Devil & Peter Tork
    3. Royal Flush
    4. Son of a Gypsy
    5. Case of Missing Monkee

    Ref: Well all I can say is what the eppis, no one can moan they don’t have them because there are way too many places to get them, there were 2 box sets of videos, lots of videos with a fair amount of them on, and of course TV and if you decide to whine about not having the channels lots of fans have them on tape and sell them or do trades. Oh and they aren’t dressed as football players at all it’s American Football which defies any logic of the terms football as it is mostly a rugby ball carried in the hands and thrown. Real football comes from the UK and don’t you forget it!

    Fill In The Blanks:

  7. From question #2, what was the first musical instrument Peter learned to play?

    Classical Piano

    Ref: Monkees Tale pg 83, The Monkees File pg 21, lots of zines lots of documentaries, lots of live performances, lots of sites…… Most people have it down that he began to learn at the age of 9, however in an interview with his mother in the 60’s she says he began learning at about 3 or 4 along with some other instruments…. But it still doesn’t change the fact it was the ole Joanna!

  8. Julie Driscol, the psycho looking woman in 33 1/3, tempts the Monkees with an apple. Which Monkee takes the bite?


    Ref: The mightily wonderful 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee……. Watch it closely and you’ll see Peter is the ape who takes the bite, perhaps a comment on his character as perceived on the show…. The dummy, or perhaps a comment that he’d do anything for a girl…….

  9. Which Elvis Presley song switched Peter from folk music to Rock & Roll?

    I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

    Ref: The Peter Tork Songbook: http://www17.pair.com/sandauer/ptsongbook.htm, Steve Escobar interview: http://imagesrasputinmusic.com/manifesto/petertork1000.html in a lot of live performances I’ve seen he mentions this as fact. So for anyone not thinking Elvis made any difference when it came to The Monkees you’re soooooo wrong, you would be anyway cause he inspired The Beatles… Ner! Still hate Elvis though.

  10. Who was the Supervising Producer on the Monkees' 1997 TV Special "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees"?

    Ward Sylvester

    Ref: Hey Hey It’s The Monkees credits read them, Film & T V Vault. He was actually their manager of sorts at this time and king of Monkee spin.

  11. What does Peter call the sparkly confetti produced after drinking Micky's latest invention in the 1997 TV special?

    Magic Monkee Dust

    Ref: Hmmmmm could it be the Special itself? He seems to prefer it to it being referred to as barf in it’s many forms for some weird reason…… it was also mentioned in reviews in many, many zines…….

  12. What was the date of the TV Guide (US listings) issue that the advert for 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee appeared in?

    12th - 18th April 1969

    Ref: Go on give it your best shot where do you think it was got? No? Okay Film & T V Guide….. of course if you have the Guide in question you’d also know.

  13. Which song are the following lyrics from: "Well, the tale is told from memory of a finely woven symphony"?

    Michigan Blackhawk

    Ref: The song of course Missing Links Vol. 2 and no doubt on other fine releases of Monkee rarities which ain’t so rare no more… http://www.themonkees.com/lyrics/lyricsmissinglinks2.htm

  14. What 2 colors are the "Ladies Aid Society" uniforms?

    Blue & White

    Ref: Again the song on the fine Presents… which would be better without it. I don’t like this song by the way it’s pants http://www.themonkees.com/lyrics/lyricspresent.htm

  15. What was the name of Peter's pet boxer when he was little and living in Germany?


    Ref: Monkees Photo File pg 9,  http://www.gleeb.com/monkeedom/articles/6.html There are some really cute pix of Peter and this dog.

  16. How many weeks did "More of the Monkees" hold the number one spot on U.S Billboard Album Chart listing?

    Okay there are 2 answers really from different sources I’ve seen 18 or 19. If you got one of them you got the points.

    Ref: 18 from I’m A Believer pg 194, 19 from Manufactured Image pgs 199 - 200.

  17. When did Mike file for divorce from Phyllis, and what were the reasons stated?

    1st February 1974. Unhappy differences.

    Ref: Total Control pg 152, civil case #D841 136. It says unhappy but we allowed any variation that hinted at that.

  18. What song did Mike sing on American Bandstand on May 8, 1971?


    Ref: The show American Bandstand, Total Control pg 142, Manufactured Image pg 86, Monkees Calendar 2000 [Gary Strobl researched one]. This was about a jack Nicholson girlfriend if I remember rightly…….. Oh and for all of you thinking what about Nevada Fighter? Well we asked which song did Mike play, Nev Fighter was played by Dick Clark as a single and as a dance track…. Not sure if this was a mistake on his part or an attempt at humour, if you put both you only got half marks which is generous cause when you look at it you actually got it wrong so no complaints unless it’s about Dick Clark.

  19. How much did it cost to make Mikes' "Elephant Parts"?

    $ 400, 000

    Ref: Total Control pg 175, zines who love to give you interesting tidbits of info. I would go into the Mike and his theory on making back the cash but I’m not as nice as those zines I mentioned.

  20. Who found a church key in his pocket?

    Teeny Tiny Gnome

    Ref: The song obviously Missing Links Vol. 1 http://www.themonkees.com/lyrics/lyricsmissinglinks1.htm incidentally I’m not overly keen on this song either. Wonder why…………..?

  21. Where did Micky first see Jimi Hendrix perform?

    Oh you just got to love consistency but any one of these got you marks - The Bitter End in New York, London, England, some place in New York, some dive, some dive in England, some dive in New York, some club in the Village in New York

    Ref: Hey Hey We’re The Monkees Harold Bronson edition pg 118, Monkees Tale pg 41, Manufactured Image pg 44, I’m A Believer pg 131, those come from places I read when researching but can’t for the life of me remember exactly where but the first dives are from Mike the other Micky and no doubt it was in magazines or some such but you get the idea…….

  22. In whose play did Davy appear in England in 1973, and what was the title of this play?

    Peter Nicholls, Forget Me Not Lane

    Ref: They Made A Monkee Out Of Me pg 139, Daydream Believin’ pg 217

  23. According to Micky, in the 90's, what were his favorite subjects in high school?

    Science, Electronics and History

    Ref: I’m A Believer pg 45 no doubt he’s changed his mind like he has over Jimi!

  24. Who dances on air just like Superman's child?

    Oklahoma Backroom Dancer

    Ref: The song of course found on Presents http://www.themonkees.com/lyrics/lyricspresent.htm

  25. How many songs did Micky wear the 'table cloth', [check out the 'Everywhere A Sheikh Sheikh eppi for this reference], & name the songs?

    Three, No Time, Randy Scouse Git & Love is Only Sleeping

    Ref: Oh and if you don’t know by now, your head must be stuck in sand Film & TV Vault…… if I were to look really brainy I’d give you the eppis these are tagged onto…. But basically can’t off the top of my head and can’t be bothered to look. Tablecloth reference came from one of the after show interviews they had which can be found on Everywhere a Sheikh Sheikh. Those of you who would like to argue all of the Rainbow room promos had Micky in a tablecloth will be sorely disappointed if they watch them. Why? Well be astounded at the amount of research I will go to just to prove you wrong, yet still I couldn’t be bothered to find the eppis they were shown……hmmm, any songs mentioned on subs are laid to rest here:

    WHAT AM I DOING HANGIN’ ROUND? - but this isn’t in the Rainbow Room, you might cry. Yes it is, look at photos taken. You’ll spot the backdrop! Blue 8 buttoned effort.

    SHE HANGS OUT - Blue 8 buttoned effort.

    DAYDREAM BELIEVER - Blue 8 buttoned effort backwards…….?

    PLEASANT VALLEY SUNDAY - the stripy jumper he wore under the table cloth.

    SALESMAN - this was recorded as a kind of promo but never seen in it’s entirety. There’s a small clip of it in Devil; you see Mike clear as day and Davy and Peter briefly [if you have Manufactured Image there’s a nice pic in their of those two which was put out as a print by Diltz via Gary Strobl for fans.] No idea what Micky was wearing as I’ve never seen him as of yet.

    CUDDLY TOY - not even sure this was done in the RR but whatever. The 2 done had him in the blue 8 buttoner. DAILY NIGHTLY - wasn’t done in the RR, it was done on the Pad set.


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