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The winners of the First Official Monkee Quiz are:

1st-Place: Erica Stephens---97.5 points Prize: A Mystery Monkee CD
2nd-Place: Abigail Maddson--90 points Prize: $5.00 Gift.

In order for you to claim your prize, I need to have your mailing addresses.
This notice will also be supplemented by a personal E-Mail from me.
contact me as soon as you can.

Again, Congratulations!!!!!!

Here Are The Answers To Quiz #1


  1. Who was the first Monkee to be signed up as a Monkee?


  2. At the end of the pilot episode, two of The Monkees' interviews were tagged on to add a personal touch to the program. The interviews of which two Monkees were chosen? (2.5 points each).

    Davy & Mike

  3. In the episode MONKEES VS. MACHINE, Micky dresses up like a child and blows something up. What is it?

    A "4-and-20-Blackbirds-Baked-In-A-Pie" toy. (Anything revolving around the keywords and/or phrases "blackbird," "pie," "toy," "wind-up toy," "pie toy," etc. will do).

  4. Who sings the lead to WRITING WRONGS?


  5. In the episode GHOST TOWN, what is Lenny's "famous line"?

  6. In the second season's opening tag, one of The Monkees pulls a gun from a holster around his waist, and the holster falls to the ground. Which Monkee is it? From which episode did it come? (2.5 points each)

    Davy; A Nice Place To Visit.

  7. At the beginning of TOO MANY GIRLS, The Monkees are rehearsing. They've just finished a song, but are shocked to see that Davy has been Mesmerized the whole time by Valleri Kairys who is standing by the spiral staircase. Which song were they rehearsing?

  8. Of which famous old-time actor does Micky constantly do an impression?

  9. In SUCCESS STORY, Mike, Micky, and Peter pretend to be Davy's servants. Mike is the chef. Micky is the chauffeur. What does Peter pretend to be?

  10. In the episode ROYAL FLUSH, Mike, Micky and Peter pretend to be throne merchants in order to distract Otto and his ditsy assistant. They present two types of thrones. What was the second one called?

    Usurper 309

  11. True or False. The fifth album, THE BIRDS, THE BEES AND THE MONKEES, is the only album on which Mike sings the lead on songs he did not write.


  12. To which TV-performed song does Mike play the bass instead of the lead guitar?


  13. Which was the first episode to air in 1967? The date it aired? Which was the last episode to air in 1967? The date it aired? (5 points total or 1 point for each).

  14. Mike had a tonsillectomy in the summer of 1967. When he returned to the recording afterward, what was the first song to which he sang the lead in his "new voice?"


  15. What do LOVE IS ONLY SLEEPING and SHADES OF GRAY have in common (be specific and complete).

  16. True or False. In the episode THE FRODIS CAPER, the alien's voice was actually produced by Mike's voice, which was recorded and sped up 50%.


  17. What is the name of the studio musician who played the drums on STAR COLLECTOR?

  18. What is the significance to the line "...you once thought of me as a white knight on a steed..." from the song DAYDREAM BELIEVER?

  19. Aside from The Theme Song and FOR PETE'S SAKE, which is the most frequently showcased song during The Monkees' second season? How many times was it played/showcased?

  20. Head: When Peter gets mail form the mailman and then turns and starts opening the letter, he whistles the chorus to which famous BEATLES song?

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