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The winner of the 14th Official Monkee Quiz is:
Ashley Gossett!!!

She Won a Monkees Archives #2 CD!

She won with 125 Points!!!
(120 quiz points & 5 bonus points)

Great Job To Everyone!


Monkees Quiz #14 Answers (Coming Soon):

  1. Which station letters correspond to the episode?  (Place the Letter you want to be the answer right in the box next to the question).

    a. WXIU
    b. KXIU
    c. KNBC-TV
    d. KRUX
    e. KXIW

    Ref: Watch the eppis, or go to the most wonderful place on the planet….
    Failing that, go to the Film & TV Vault:http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html

  2. In "Monkees in the Ring", how long does Davy tell Peter it will take for the police to find him if he committed a crime?

    a. 10 minutes
    b. 2 minutes
    c. 30 minutes
    d. 5 minutes

    Ref: Monkees In The Ring, Film & TV Vault [yes I know but can I help it if our question elves love this place so much they’ll marry it?]:http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html

  3. From "Monkees in Manhattan", what the hotel room number the Monkees stay in?

    Room C304

    Ref: Monkees In Manhattan, can you guess?

  4. In "Monkees on the Wheel", what number and color is the wheel automatically fixed to land on?

    a). 16 Red

    Ref: Monkees At The Wheel,

  5. Micky learned to play golf from his neighbor, Vince Furnier. By what name is this man better known?

    d). Alice [I can do make up really well me] Cooper

    Ref: I’m A Believer pg 158, Alice loves to name drop Micky, just watch interviews to find this fact out.

  6. What song of Mike's was originally titled "Happiness" and "Brand X"?

    a. Mary, Mary
    b. Papa Gene's Blues
    c. Sweet Young Thing
    d. Nine Times Blue

    Ref: Total Control pg 56, for trivia buffs this is actually the wrong spelling of the title. The original pressings with "Jean’s" is correct, it was written about a girl Mike knew in school see Music Box pg 36. It was also known as "Brand X"


    Fill In The Blank:

  7. "The Prince and the Pauper" is a spoof of whose novel?

    Mark Twain or if you were trying to be clever and catch me out Samuel Clemens

    Ref: Any good book shop, library, film/ TV adaptation should give you the lead or……. Wait for it………..

  8. Who portrays Bulk in "I Was a 99 Pound Weakling"?

    Dave Draper or David Draper

    Ref: I Was A 99 Pound Weakling, Manufactured Image,

  9. Which United States presidents does Mike dress as in "Monkee Mayor"?

    George Washington, Abraham Lincoln & Lindon B [Baines] Johnson

    Ref: Monkee Mayor,
    [isn’t ctrl+v a wonderful thing?]

  10. Who owns the Pawn Shop in "The Devil & Peter Tork"?

    Mr. Zero

    Ref: technically if you put the devil or any number of his relative names you’d get points cause Mr Zero was the Dev. The Devil & Peter Tork,

    [I really couldn’t live without ctrl+v]

  11. In "Monkees Mind Their Manor", what song do Davy and Sir Twiggly Toppenmiddlebottom sing?


    Ref: Monkees mind their manor,
    [do you see a pattern here?]. trivia nuts may be interested to know this is reputed to have been written by King Henry The VIII [I am, I am.]

  12. Who plays Rudi Bayshore in "The Monkees Blow Their Minds"?

    Jim Frawley or James, we’re not picky

    Ref: Monkees Blow Their Minds, Manufactured Image,
    [and for my next trick…..]


  13. Who recently stated in "Monkee Business Fanzine" that their present home is haunted?

    David Jones

    Ref: Monkee Business Fanzine #96 march 2001 pg 12.

  14. In "HEAD", when the cow says "Monkees is ze CRAZIEST peoples!", who actually said that?

    Jim Frawley or Hans Conried [Had to be included due to Davy see below]

    Ref: Jim - The Complete Columbia Films, four volume set of books, states he did that little voice piece. This was rooted out on http://www.allexperts.com by Ashley G who contacted a rather cool dude called Randall Buie. Hans -They Made A Monkee Out Of Me pg 111 spelt [conrey], Daydream Believin’ pg 156. To be fair this had to be included, as Davy makes it look as if Hans said it on the film. He did coin the phrase when working with them on Paw. Well, according to Davy.


  15. What was the name of the game Jim Frawley came up with that they played on the set and on the road?


    Ref: They Made A Monkee Out Of Me pg 112, Daydream Belivin’ page 160, Hey Hey We’re the Monkees pg 137, there are sites out there that play a version of this game, if you partake could you please tell me how and why for that matter? Okay this game was made up by Jim and played by the 4 Monkees, Jim, Bob, Bert, Ward Sylvester & Jack Nicholson.

    The game as I can figure out was one of the players would have to shoot another player, and they would have to do a spectacular death scene, if the ones watching judged it to be pants [Sarah Elf tells me I have to bracket here and put bad, because the Americans haven’t caught up with this cool way to say something is bad, pants = bad, use it to astound all your friends.] The dead player would lose a life, if they were judged good they kept their lives intact. Each had 3 lives.

    Davy has stated that he once shot Micky when Micky was at the top of plane steps, and Micky had to die falling down the steps. That once on set Peter shot him[Davy] just as they were starting to shoot a scene, so he had to be a ham. He’s also said he knew it was all over when Jim basically shot himself in the head 3 times.

  16. What was the name of the box that Davy had to stand on in certain scenes to make himself taller?

    The Man Maker

    Ref: They Made A Monkee Out Of Me pg 65, Daydream Belivin’ pg 84, Hey Hey We’re the Monkees pg 30.

  17. What title did Micky suggest would be a good title for Peter's autobiography if he ever wrote one?

    The Angst Of Art

    Ref: I’m A Believer pg 129.

  18. What blues band recorded a version of "Mary, Mary"?

    The Butterfield Blues Band

    Ref: Total Control pg 81,

  19. What happened to the Monkees on July 10, 1989?

    They received their Walk Of Fame Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

    Ref: Many zines, news progs, interviews, Total Control pg 214, I’m A Believer pg 8 also in the photo pages of this book, video footage out there [I have got oh yes], sites out there. You got bonus points if you mentioned they held a press conference very briefly then turned it over to the convention fans there[can also be found on video I know I have it], it was the last day of that particular convention. For those who want to know it’s listed on the Walk Of Fame site and can be found at 6675 Hollywood Blvd.

  20. Who came up with the Monkees logo?

    Nick LoBianco

    Ref: Monkees Collectibles Price Guide pg 7. (Elves). (Courtesy of Marty Eck, he really makes me mad when he beats me out on Ebay, has a lot more money than I do (Phil)

  21. In which episode do we first hear "Sock it to me!"?

    I Was A 99 Pound Weakling

    Ref: watch all the eppis or go to:

    Extra Credit:

  22. What Monkees song did the Sex Pistols cover?

    I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone

    Ref: They just did okay, buy their stuff and you’ll see oooorrrrrrrr Music Box pg 39, Intro to the Hey Hey We’re the Monkees book, http://www.sex-pistols.net/main.html, go to disog-officail and scroll to find it was on Virgin records VS 339 in 1980.

  23. In his autobiography, Micky says The Monkees were made up like which 70's group?

    Spinal Tap

    Ref: I’m A Believer pg 91.

  24. Who is responsible for the "quotes" from the movie "Head" on the soundtrack?

    Jack Nicholson

    Ref: Head liner notes says he co-ordinated the LP, Monkeemania pg 102. Mike says Jack just came in saying he’d like to do it, and as Mike thought "woo hoo days off!" he said okay Jack there you go, and claims that’s how the studio version of Circle Sky got on the LP. Peter sees it differently but then he would.

  25. What was the last song in 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee and who sang it?

    California Here It Comes, Peter Tork

    Ref: 33 1/3 revolutions per Monkee, Monkees Scrapbook,
    http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html. You also got the marks if you put I Come as it’s how I know it.

    [The Hey Hey book mentioned is Harold Bronsons version]

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