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The winner(s) of the 17th Official Monkee Quiz are:
(Jessica & Julia)!!!
Won a Monkees CD ROM & Trading Cards (together)!
They won with 100 points!! (97 quiz points & 3 bonus points)

Great Job To Everyone!

Monkees Quiz #17 Answers:

Put together in a fashion by Abi Elf
Poured over for mistakes by Christy Elf
Puzzled Eileen Elf & Teresa Elf who then said yeah okay…… we guess…… ; )
Plonked on the site by Phil Elf

Read some of the comments left by quiz takers:

These are the comments made about the quiz, we actually got an Australian taking the quiz this time round! We really are going global, for those who don't know we've also had takers from the UK, Turkey, India, France & South Africa.


From Jessica and Julia [usa]: comments: The URL thingy is toooooo smallllllllllllll.... (I don't get this)

From Jennifer [usa]: Please let me know the answers and where can I find the answers to the quizzes

From Missy [usa] : I'm kinda rusty on some of this...I haven't been able to find much of The Monkees anywhere, except at flea markets and such, then it is all few and far between.

From Vic [usa]: sub #1 - IT was tuff but i did my best! But challenging it was a lot of fun thanks!!!! please contact me and let me know how i did plus any updates you can forward me 0n the Monkees and there individual concerts and together as group ones also thanks !!!!

sub #2 - IT was tuff but i did my best! But challenging it was a lot of fun


Sub #3 - IT was tuff but i did my best! But challenging it was a lot of fun thanks!!!! please contact me and let me know how i did plus any updates you can forward me 0n the Monkees and there individual concerts and together as group ones also thanks !!!! Sincerely Vic The missing Monkee Sorry I don't come on much but i will try being I have a very demanding and busy life but i love your chat and all of you on the board and i enjoy and thanks and im happy too see things like this please contact me to let me know how i did !!!!! Thanks again!!!

From Andrea [usa]: I would like it if maybe you could ask more about the TV show.

From Sema [australia]: great quiz!

From Kim [usa]: Although off hand I don't have any good trivia questions for future quizzes but I just hope that they keep coming. I always seem to find one or two things about the guys that I didn't know before.

From Sarah [once elf but sub not put in as some of the questions on it he had seen already] [usa]: I'm giving up cos I'm tired. Damn good questions, esp the last one!!

From Ashley Gosset [usa]: Hi, here's my answers for quiz #17, it was pretty tricky!!!

Multiple Choice:

  1. Which Monkee released a proper studio 'solo' CD the same year The Monkees released "Justus"?


    Ref: Two Man Band liner, Monkees Calendar Strobl style 1997 onwards

  2. Who wrote the song 'The Door into Summer'?

    Douglas and Martin

    Ref: Pisces Aquarius Capricorn and Jones ltd liner, notes many web sites…… I’m not going to list everywhere you know I give you enough pointers!

  3. Which Monkee was reportedly asked to be in Frank Zappa’s group?


    Ref: Monkeemania. Due to contracts he couldn’t manage it poor lil Micky.

  4. What happened to the Monkees on 20th April 1989 at the Hammersmith Odeon, London England?

    They were served with papers by Columbia for using the Monkees name without permission.

    Ref: Many, many zines at the time including Head, Band 6 and Zilch. They got the papers telling them they were in for big trouble, as they were approaching the time where it would be illegal for them to use the name any more without huge money pay outs. Thing was the dates on the papers meant they could finish the UK tour without any problems as it seems Columbia hadn’t researched the dates properly. Still a sue you sue me battle did ensue with certain parties.

  5. At the Monterey Pop Festival, Peter got to do the introductions of two acts. Which acts did he introduce?

    Lou Rawls and Buffalo Springfield

    Ref: Zilch & Band 6 zines, Monkeemainia, Monkees Tale. See Monterey Pop DVD Box Set for his intro to Buffalo.

  6. Which Monkee paid out of their contract in the 60’s so they could be free?


    Ref: Kenny Show. Despite popular belief it wasn’t Peter so don’t even start. I’m sure all good zines picked up on this shocker as it laid to rest the story and here it goes in a fashion. Asked about the pay out story Mike admitted he had paid out, peter was shocked by this admission and commented Mike continued to say he’d paid out as he’d wanted to record his own things and if he hadn’t then he’d have been stuck. Peter turned round and said really they just let me go I didn’t have to pay a thing. There you go folks out of Monkees mouths. If you don’t believe me well just ask for a trade copy….. but then most of you don’t know what PAL is so you can’t. I know UK zines ran with it cause it was one of the shockers to find out.


    True Or False:

  7. Davy has been married 3 times.


    Ref: It so is for all of you going you are sooooo wrong! Here’s how: he married Linda twice as they found out their first marriage wasn’t exactly legal in the eyes of the law and this was during the time he was having the you WILL be drafted doo dahs! He married Anita once and properly first time! They Made A Monkee Out Of Me & Daydream Believin’

  8. Peter stayed at John Lennon's home in 1967?


    Ref: It was Mike, Hey Hey documentary….. Total Control, A Twist Of Lennon…. I could go on and boy do I.

  9. Davy and Micky attended Mikes solo show in 1992, at The Strand.


    Ref: Total Control, ZDF interview Germany…. This is quite a cool little piece I have the footage and a translation in a few Zines and it shows Micky and Peter attended. It’s interesting to see Peter hiding his face when he spots the camera on him while he’s signing things backstage. There are photos out there of the backstage stuff.

  10. Micky reportedly owned a circular bed in the 60’s?


    Ref: Monkees annual 1967, teen mags of 1967, Monkee Monthlies. It was Davy in case you care.

  11. Princess Gwen couldn’t marry Peter, Peasant Of Tork because he was unemployed.


    Ref: Fairy Tale do you think? It was because a] she was already married and had a kid, b] it was Mike & c] gay marriages weren’t legal anywhere in those days!


    Fill In The Blanks:

  12. How much did it cost for Davy to have his stitches put in when Peter punched him during 'Monkees Paw', and when did Peter pay the bill?

    $75.00 and it was paid on 30th December nice birthday present there don’t you think?

    Ref: They Made A Monkee Out Of Me this also has the copy of the receipt of payment hence how I know the date! Daydream Believin’ only has the amount paid but hey that would have been half marks!

  13. Apart from appearing in 'Monkees Mind Their Manor', Jack Good did something else with The Monkees. What was it?

    33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee…….. enough said. He co-wrote, created and produced the behemoth he has to go.

    Ref: Hmmmm the horrible thing that is 33 1/3. It’s mentioned in many books including Monkeemania and is out there on the web……. This should have been destroyed!

  14. Which Monkees have appeared Live in 'solo' concert in the UK? Select any of the following options that apply:

    Davy, Mike, Peter……… You want an explanation? No? Well you’re getting one anyway Davy did a one off show here [here being the UK] for the Band 6 convention in Torquay. Mike has played in the UK about 3 times a tour of sorts in 1970, a one off in 1974 and a few dates in 1975. Peter did 3 shows in 2000. Micky has done stage work but never a concert solo wise! Also as a point of needing to gripe these people seem to forget that it’s not just people in the South of England that may have gone to see their shows…… but then I guess they don’t care.

    Ref: Convention footage [it’s really cool……… if you like a singing unibrowed dwarf]. Total Control, Tour promo photos, Roundhouse bootleg, 1975 bootleg. Video footage [there was a link to one of them on the web] Live Uk 2000 bootleg.

  15. When living in the UK Micky did a lot of behind the camera work, of course the UK spawned the best comedy team called Monty Python. So on which project did Micky work with Python members in 1981, and who were those Pythons?

    The Box [also known as Buchanans Finest Hour], Michael Palin & Terry Jones

    Ref: I’m A Believer, Monkeemania, http://www.barberusa.com/pop/dolenz_micky.html


  16. Which Monkees are known to have spent at least a night wallowing in a cell due to naughty deeds?

    Mike for not paying his bills shortly before the start of Monkees series filming, Micky for breaking into cars, Peter for being a drug fiend. If anyone can give me a good Davy one huzzah I’d love to know it!

    Ref: Monkeemania, I’m A Believer, Monkees Tale, E! and other such documentaries

  17. Name the originally released Monkee songs , [those put out in the 60’s], Mike recorded on his solo works.

    Tapioca Tundra, Don’t Call On Me, While I Cried, Papa Genes Blues, You Just May Be The One, Sweet Young Thing, You Told Me, Listen To The Band

    Ref: Wichita train Whistle Sings, Loose Salute

  18. Who is Sandra Slater, and what the dickens does she have to do with the Monkees?

    Samantha Juste she became Micky’s 1st wife.

    Ref: Many zines, teen mags of the time, web sites like the most excellent Psycho Jello this place is my fave site dealing with Monkees!

  19. In Mary Anne Cassata’s book ‘Hey Hey We’re The Monkees’ there is a big, big photographical error. What is it?

    The picture of Mike isn’t it is in fact Bill Archer one time musical director of the Chicago Bears Big Bear Band whoever they might be when they are at home.

    Ref: Monkees West zine, Hey Hey by Mary Anne just look at it and snigger, there was a discussion on the board once about this too. Monkees West also stated that it seems that Micky was in the same place at the same time and that he’d gone near the guy, he may even had said howdo and they instantly thought woo hoo Mike take a pic. Mary Anne somehow didn’t get to see the mistake before publication making you wonder who has ultimate say in peoples visions. Truly one to see and have a laugh at. Oh and Monkees West was a US zine by the way, that’s before I get but it’s not fair you’ve used UK zines we don’t get those……. Then perhaps you should there are also Japanese, Australian, Canadian, Dutch to name but a few!

  20. Where were the pool pictures taken for the cover of 'Pool It!"?

    Micky’s Beverly Hills home at the time in his pool. Or as one smart alec put in a pool…… I couldn’t argue with that one at all. Nor California either!

    Ref: Monkees West

  21. For reasons beyond the logic of a Vulcan, Micky seems to have renamed two of his sisters. Which two and what are their birth names?

    Coco Sunshine - Gemma Marie, Gina - Kathleen. Have to say Gina mystifies me but hey ho……

    Ref: Monkee Business fanzine to name but one of many who have dealt with this strangeness.

  22. What is the reason given for Peter not getting drafted when he went to see the nice army men, and what classification did he get on his record?

    He was crazy. 1 - Y

    Ref: Monkees Monthlies yep as far back as 1967 he told this story that he went for his interview thing and they thought he was nuts, I did see the classification on the web way back in 2000 and asked about it on the board but got nothing so if anyone knows what it means get in touch please! Monkeemania for the crazy bit.


  23. In 'Monkee Mother', what do Mike and Peter play acoustically during the dinner they try to fob Millie off onto the poor removal guy?

    Don’t Call On Me

    Ref: Monkees Video Box Set booklet, oh and I hang my head in shame as the TV & Film Vault also has it mentioned. Sessionography site: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/3152/3rdhq.html find March 20th


  24. How do the TV shows, 'Cheers' and 'American Gothic' connect to The Monkees?

    Shelly Long, Gary Cole, The Brady Bunch Movie. Which of course Micky, peter and Davy cameoed in. Davy sang the ‘Grunge’ [yeah right that was sooooo not Grunge but what are you going to do?] version of Girl….. why? Well see the Brady TV series.

    Ref: Hmmmm what do you think? Shelly was Mrs Brady and Gary was Mr Brady. It was truly that easy folks.


    Match Up The Whatnots:

  25. In 'Changes', later titled 'Head', there was a mirror scene due before 'Ditty Diego War Chant' was later deleted, this scene has been very well documented and pictures released. It showed how the Monkees were seen to be perceived character wise. Match what each Monkee dressed up as/ in, what kind of character it was meant to show, also the kind of name it went by for filming in the script. [as this kind of is a tough one you will get should you get all bits right 20 points ain’t we kind?] Example should you think Mike was dressed a clown which character showed romance and was called in the script Pan you’d put Mike: 4, c, A



1] Sheikh
2] Satyr
3] Cowboy
4] Clown


a] Pathos
b] Mischief
c] Romantic
d] Rugged


A] Pan
B] Harlequin
C] Marlborough Man
D] Rudolf/ Randolph


Mike 3] Cowboy d] Rugged C] Marlborough Man

Peter 4] Clown a] Pathos B] Harlequin

Micky 2] Satyr b] Mischief A] Pan

Davy 1] Sheikh c] Romantic D] Rudolf/ Randolph

Ref: Changes script which you could purchase at Script City at one time, but there is a chunk of it here:


Also you can find pics on the web at Psycho Jello here’s three links:

Davy - http://www.psycho-jello.com/monkees/arabian1.jpg

Micky - http://www.psycho-jello.com/monkees/devil.jpg

Peter - http://www.psycho-jello.com/monkees/clown.jpg

There is a Mike one out there I know for I stole it from a site to print and to see my theiving ways go to: http://uk.photos.yahoo.com/quiz_elvesalso in many books and mags such as Monkees Go Ape.


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