Quiz #11 Answers
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The winner of the 11th Official Monkee Quiz is:
Teresa Gibson!!!

She Won A Monkees Go Ape CD!

She won with 99 Points!!!

Great Job To Everyone!

In order for you to claim your prize, I need to have your mailing addresses.
This notice will also be supplemented by a personal E-Mail from me.
contact me as soon as you can.

Again, Congratulations!!!!!!

Brilliantly done by Abi and Sarah, with lots of encouragement from Christy, part of your friendly quiz elf team.

Monkees Quiz #11 Answers:

  1. What color was Mike's hat in the Star Collector video?  

    White, he doesn't wear it it starts on the microphone and ends up getting
    thrown about at the end of the video.

    ref: Star Collector video on Hitting The High Seas & Monkees Mind Their
    Manor. Monkees TV & Film Vault

  2. What did the tea leaves say for each Monkee in "Too Many Girls"?

    Micky: doesn’t get his read . He takes his home to have something to read in bed.

    Mike: is a musician, composer and raconteur & will get a flat tyre

    Peter: looks tired & will come down with a 24 hour virus

    Davy: will within 24 hours meet a girl, fall in love, leave home and his friends

    ref: Too Many Girls

  3. Who does Princess Collette want after Davy?


    ref: Everywhere A Sheikh Sheikh. TV & Film Vault

  4. Where does Micky keep his Monkeeman Manual?

    Down his trousers, or how do you Americans say?………. Pants. (You can say whatever you'd like, Abi).

    ref: The Frodis Caper

  5. Name 3 books that Harris Kingsley has written, as mentioned in "Monkee See, Monkee Die."

    Twelve Walking Tours Through The Sahara, Beverly Hills On Five Shillings A Day, Who’s Whom On Ellis Island, Buticus City On The Moon, Dinning Out In Greenland, Picnic Spots Along The Ganges, Philadelphia Where To Find It, Akron The City Behind The Myth, A Teenagers Guide To Tijuana, South Dakota Fact Or Fiction.

    ref: Monkee See Monkee Die, I had to listen to this so can only go by what I feel was said and made up spellings, we’re not all that strict on actual spelling I haven’t become that evil yet! Also allowed who in place of whom.

  6. What number is painted by the closet in the Monkees pad?


    ref: Most of the episodes and a fair few photos.

  7. What pets does "Monkee Mother" Millie have?

    Poodle, Merton and Parrot, Lewis, both stuffed. You got bonus points if you mentioned stuffed or their names.

    ref: Monkee Mother, TV & Film Vault

  8. What is the name of the suicidal actress that Mike saves in "Monkees on the Line"?

    Ellen Farnsby

    ref: Monkees On The Line, Manufactured Image book, TV & Film Vault

  9. Who was the boxer in Head (not Davy) and what happened to him in 1970?

    Sonny Liston, he passed away under mysterious circumstances. He also fought his last professional fight beating Chris Wepner. You got bonus points if you mentioned he died on 30th December.

    ref: Head, TV & Film Vault, Reputations [UK documentary], Sonny Liston site http://www.ibhof.com/liston.htm

  10. In "Head" why wouldn't Peter put down the ice cream cone?

    He had ordered the ice cream but didn’t want it any more but couldn’t throw it away because there are starving Chinese

    ref: Head

  11. Which two actors were in the movies "Head" and "Easy Rider"?

    Jack Nicholson , Dennis Hopper & Toni Basil. You got a bonus point if you put down all 3. Okay you could argue Toni is an actress, but then we’d have to argue Micky has NO solo LP’s only solo CD’s.

    ref: Head, TV & Film Vault. For those of you wondering where to spot Mr Hopper it’s when Peter is having his whinge about punching a girl in the canteen.

  12. What interesting fantasies does Brian Auger (weird guy in 33 1/3) say the Monkees have and who does he attribute them to?

    Micky: fixation

    Peter : withdrawal

    Mike: schizophrenia

    Davy: regression

    Some of you were understandably confused by the attributes to bit he gives them those fantasies and attributes them to the Monkees next to the answers. Which means I overlooked any one saying he attributed them to Charles Darwin, he didn’t but the question was a tad confusing so I promise we will try not to make the same mistake again.

    ref: 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee

  13. Which Monkees' songs did Micky have on a solo LP ?

    Pillow Time, Porpoise Song, Never Enough, Dying Of A Broken Heart, Regional Girl, if you put down he had no solo LP’s just solo CD’s you got points and a warning mark against your name as a smart alec.

    ref: Puts You To Sleep, Demoiselle & Never Enough site http://www.hooloovoo.com/dolenz/disc.html


  14. Multiple Choice Nesmith's songs:

    In "Live at the Britt, " Mike admitted that he has some "bizarrely titled tunes." Match the song title to the lyrics of these five Nesmith tunes.

    A).  And where my foot steps down is where it's home.
    B).  Find questions, but no answers.
    C).  I know the lesson I've learned here is worth it all.
    D).  If the razor edge of youth filled love is gone.
    E).  Need to leave the speed in the city.

    ref: Monkees Collectors Home Page lyric site http://www.themonkees.com/lyrics.htm

  15. Which Monkee speaks fluent German?


    ref: many sites, Monkeemania book

  16. What connects the Monkees to the musical "the Wiz"? 

    Charlie Smalls. He was Davy’s friend and guest on Some Like it Lukewarm, who wrote the Musical the Wiz. He also co-wrote Her Name Is Love and arranged the song The Girl I Left Behind Me. His name alone got you the points anything after you got bonus points.

    ref: The Birds The Bees & The Monkees CD liner notes

  17. When Mike's wife Phyllis was in a car accident, why didn't he keep her in the hospital?

    Their faith, Christian Science, in it’s fullness does not believe in conventional medical treatment, they have there own healers.

    ref: E! Hollywood True Stories: The Monkees, Total Control: The Michael Nesmith Story book

  18. Who is Ivan Thorkelson's mom?

    Barbara Iannoli

    ref: Monkeemania, plus many sites

  19. Who is this, and what is her connection to the Monkees? (Click on square).

    Jennifer McLeod, one time girlfriend of Peter Tork circa 83 - 89 & stage wear designer for The Monkees Tours 1987 - 89.

    ref: Tour books, Monkees Tale Updated version, many "zines"

  20. In 1987 the New Monkees came on scene with their own (pitiful) show. Name the four New Monkees.

    Dino Korvas, Jared Chandler, Marty Ross, Larry Saltis

    ref: Monkees Tale Updated version, the New Monkees episodes, International Movies Database site http://www.imdb.com

    Extra Credit:

  21. How many episodes did the New Monkees have?

    There are 13 of these wonderful gems......... ahem I've got 2 and they are seriously bad as in bad not the good sense of bad.

    ref: Purple Flower Gang fanzines

  22. Who was Peter's guest going to be in the 2nd season?

    Pete Seeger, unfortunately time never allowed as Mr Seeger could never find time.

    ref: Monkees Monthlies

  23. Who is the villain in "The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora"?

    Armando Hotchkiss

    ref: The Long Sandy Hair Of Neffetoon Zamora

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