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The winner of the 7th Official Monkee Quiz is:
Christy Grilliette!!!

She Won A Monkees Dollar Bill
& The Book "Monkeemania."

She won with 110 Points!!!

Great Job To Everyone

In order for you to claim your prize, I need to have your mailing addresses.
This notice will also be supplemented by a personal E-Mail from me.
contact me as soon as you can.

Again, Congratulations!!!!!!

Here Are The Answers To Quiz #7

Thanks To Abi & Mark!!!

  1. Match the girl to the episode:

    A.  The Monkees Mind Their Manor
    B.  Monkee See, Monkee Die
    C.  Hillbilly Honeymoon
    D.  The Monkees Get Out More Dirt
    E.  The Chaperone

    Reference: Manufactured Image, Monkees Film and TV Vault

  2. "I forgot the crash at the end!" Who says this? What song and album is it from?

    Micky "Oh What a Night" Justus

    Reference: Justus LP if you listen to it

  3. What is the full title of "Carlisle Wheeling?" Who used the name as a pseudonym?

    Effervescent Popsicle. Mike

    Reference: Liner notes for Instant Replay cod bonus track Mike signed his name that way on the back of The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees LP.

  4. Which caped crusader said this? "Holy frogs legs, that really makes me mad!" What episode is it from?

    Ruben the Tadpole [Davy] Captain Crocodile 

    Reference: Captain Crocodile when they are doing the skit of Batman Davy is of course Ruben.


  5. Identify the quote: "All right dirty copper, you'll never get me alive, cause I've got your whistle!"

    Micky says it to the security guard in The Picture Frame when he is robbing the bank thinking it's just a film. He takes the whistle and blows it before making escape with the other two.

    Reference: The Picture Frame

  6. According to Mike, who does the "Psycho Jell-O" bit the best?

    Jack Nicholson
    Ringo Starr
    Chip Douglas
    Mama Cass (Reference:  HQ Sessions). Question thrown out.
    Steven Stills

  7. In what year did Peter's band " Shoe Suede Blues" form? Why did it form?

    Shoe Suede Blues came to be in 1994, as the band for a benefit fund raiser Beyond Baroque Foundation for the Felicity House child care and women's recovery home. The guys had such fun playing together, they decided to keep doing it! After a few more gigs they decided to get really serious about it and are still going.

    Reference: http://www.shoesuedeblues.com  Band 6 UK fan club zine by Tadg Galleran

  8. Name 3 Monkees songs that mention a circus.

    1). Writing Wrongs "Did you know the CIRCUS runs the town"

    2). Door into Summer "And the brightly painted line of CIRCUS wagons in the sand"

    3). The Poster "The CIRCUS is coming to town it said on the poster"

    4). Merry Go Round "and faded CIRCUS act sorrow broke their backs"

    Reference: Lyrics to the songs


  9. Whose mother used to call him "Goo-goo eyes?"


    Reference: Mentioned in Alias Micky Dolenz also Monkees Scrapbook


  10. Which Monkee is wearing a blue and yellow wind-breaker at the beach?


    Reference: Titles, Movies, Success, Photos, it also has a white and black
    stripe to it.


  11. In the opening sequence, three of the Monkees are pushing a bed around. Who is in the bed?


    Reference: opening titles to Monkees show

  12. What's the only thing that Davy has to pack?

    His heart "My heart is all I have to pack"

    Reference: lyrics to The Girl I Left Behind Me

  13. What Monkees happening occurred on Feb. 23, 1986?

    MTV Monkees Marathon Pleasant Valley Sunday

    Reference: VH1's Behind the Music, Monkees Tale Updated pg 104

  14. What was Mr. Webster's salary per year at the bank?

    $3,536 52 weeks x $68 clear! if of course he didn't take any holidays

    Reference: Lyrics to the song then work it out with a calculator

  15. What's the Monkees pad address?

    1334 Beachwood Drive, 1334 Beachwood, 1438 North Beachwood, 1334 North Beachwood Drive, 3434 Beachwood Drive

    Reference: Head on telegram address, Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers, Case Of The Missing Monkee, Fan Club Address on back of More Of The Monkees lp, Monkeemania pg 11


  16. Who starred in "The Wolf Girl Meets The Vampire In The Old West?"

    Joanie Janz

    Reference: I've Got a Little Song Here

  17. Which Monkee wears his belt buckle to the side? Why?

    Peter. So it wouldn't scratch his guitar, bass, banjo Also because the bad boys wore them that way.

    Reference: Just look at the pod kin you'll see, http://www.monkeespage.com/peterphotos for scratch info. Carlisle kindly helped on the chat board saying he says these at gigs.


  18. Complete the next line of lyrics: "Cliques, claques...

    Riding the backs of giraffes for laughs is all right for a while

    Reference: lyrics to Porpoise Song also found in the box of Micky Sings You To Sleep

  19. Who is the head in the Head ads? In what way do we see him later?

    John Brockman As a lawyer in Episode 781 or Hey, Hey, It's The Monkees 1997 Special

    Reference: Monkees Film and TV Vault


  20. Which Monkee once ran for Mayor? Why?

    Mike. The Monkees neighbors faced eviction to make way for a parking lot and were in their pad and Mike specifically wanted them out so ran for mayor to prevent their houses/ apartments being torn down

    Reference: TV Vault


    Extra Credit:

  21. Which Monkee is also a horse racing jockey?

    Lancelot Link 

    Reference: They Made A Monkee Out Of Me, Daydream Believin', any Monkees or Davy site you'd have to have lived on Mars not to have known this one.


  22. Which Monkee played Topanga Lawrence's dad?


    Reference: Boy Meets World 2 episodes in 1995 unfortunately in later epis some other bozo replaced him. Rave On was the Monkees epi the other I don't know the title but it was the one where the parents came in to show what work they did.


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