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The winner of the 13th Official Monkee Quiz is:
Teresa Gibson!!!

She Won a Monkees Save The World CD!

She won with 126 Points!!!
(120 points full quiz score & 6 bonus points)

Great Job To Everyone!


Monkees Quiz #13 Answers:

Put into some order by Abi Elf [it may not seem that way but there is order here]

Things pointed out by Sarah Elf [mostly lack of commas but there you go ;)]

Virtual cups of tea supplied by Christy Elf [also her knowledge of wrestling was invaluable]

Lovingly put onto a site format by Phil Elf [it had better be lovingly or the ogre will go see him]


  1. In the Christmas episode, what did Peter give each Monkee for Christmas?

    1: Davy - Sports jacket, which was too big for him [aren’t they all?] to save on the pants, of course over in the UK that takes on a weird meaning but each to their own.

    Micky - Chemistry set, which turns him into a fiend [?] but only seems to effect teeth only, and he still gets spells from time to time.

    Mike - Snow skis, which he didn’t open until June.

    Peter - Intelligence test, which blew up as it couldn’t handle him. He bought it for himself for some reason.

    Ref: The Christmas Show, watch it and see. By the way little quiz poppets you can earn bonus points, yes really, you’d get full points for just jacket, Chem. set, IQ test and skis but if you were to mention other things directly related well you get more points and get hailed as a brainbox.

  2. Name the computer who interviewed Peter for the job at the toy factory.


    Ref: Monkees Vs Machine, Film & TV Vault:
    http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/season1/monkeevs.html , [this place is one of our Nirvana’s it really rocks and you may have noticed a lot of questions can be found there so how about checking it out?] Monkees Scrapbook.

  3. In what instrument does Madame Olinsky put the microfilm?

    Red maracas, or if you’re a short Manc morrocas. Of course a short man was to pick them up which meant hilarity would ensue or it would have been a very short eppi.

    Ref: The Spy Who Came In From The Cool, Film & TV Vault:  http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/season1/thespy.html  .

  4. When Davy's grandfather visits, what jobs do Micky, Mike, and Peter take on to make Davy appear rich?

    Mike - Chef, Micky - Chauffeur, Peter - Houseboy

    Ref: Success Story, can you guess? Go On………. Film & TV Vault: http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/season1/success.html

  5. In the episode, "The Case Of The Missing Monkee" what is the name of the professor and what kind of scientist is he?

    Professor Milo Schnitzler. He was a Nuclear Scientist. However on the actual eppi it doesn’t say what kind of scientist he is, I was prompted to make sure after a query came up over it and nowhere did it say what field. So if you said Nuclear we gave you points as it is out there on the great void known as the internet, if you left it blank you also got points as you were right or just got plain lucky not knowing.

    Ref: Case Of the Missing Monkee, Manufactured Image, Film & TV Vault:

  6. Name the 3 other groups that have invitations to the Hubbell Benson audition.

    The Four Martians, The Foreign Agents & The Jolly Green Giants ho, ho, ho

    Ref: Find The Monkees, Film & TV Vault [yeah I know see what I mean?]:

  7. In "The Card-Carrying Red Shoes" what do Ivan & Nicolai use to try and brainwash Peter?

    New Reebersober’s Brain Detergent. [Peter offers up the brand as his own personal preference but the bad guys aren’t phased that he carries round a bottle just in case? Reality check here guys.]

    Ref: Card Carrying Red Shoes, Film & TV Vault:


  8. In a we-need-to-fill-two-minutes-at-the-end-of-a-show interview, Bob catches Mike painting a name on his director chair. What name is it and why does Mike say he's painting it?

    Lauren St. David. So no one will recognize him, it’s a pseudonym.

    Ref: Monkees In A Ghost Town, Monkees Pad site:


  9. What song on "Headquarters" did Peter especially want to sing?

    Early Morning Blues & Greens

    Ref: Headquarters CD liner notes, Peter states he thought he should have sung it as it was up his alley but Davy acted it well. I’ve also read Peter thought he should have sung lead as he had brought the song to the group in the first place.

  10. What Monkees album was released the day after "Wild Monkees" aired?

    Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones, Ltd.

    Ref: Film & TV Vault: http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/season2/wild.html
    Sessionography site:
    http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/3152 , many facts and figures in books.

  11. Which album was the only one that was never produced on vinyl?


    Ref: Duh, all the rest of the ones were put on vinyl. Justus is the only one not deemed worthy of vinyl production, those guys at Rhino can so suck. Thanks to MonkEShyn for the suggested question, yeah see we use them if we think they are cool enough, so submit and get your name in print…….. bet you’re all rushing to your think tank now.



  12. Who is it that plays Sunset Sam on the Cruisin' video?

    Hulk Hogan [yes he of the fake tan and fake blonde hair, why? You’d have to ask Nez and if you do ask him why red speedos], also known as Terry Gene Bollea, Hollywood Hogan [Christy was wizard here and confirmed a nasty suspicion] & Hollywood Hulk Hogan [I caught this on WWF honest I just caught it I don’t watch wrestling British wrestlers put me off the idea many moons ago!]

    Ref: Total Control pg 168.

  13. What was the next film Bert Schneider & Bob Rafelson got involved in after Head?

    Easy Rider

    Ref: Monkeemania, Monkees Tale, Daydream Believers The Monkees Story, there are thousands of places I’m sure.

  14. Who is Julie Driscol and what does she have to do with the Monkees?

    She was a British singer, who was in Brian Augers The Trinity [can you see where we’re going yet?] She played the weird psycho looking woman in………….. 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee [oh yes we did it again and will until the abomination can offer no more.] She’s the one with the cool makeup and talking belly button, who sings I’m A Believer with Micky, watches Peter & Davy, who shoots one of the Mikes. Who is the temptress with the apple, who declares the whole thing a bloody shambles! [I can think of a lot of things to call it but none are printable and none are as kind as shambles.]

    Ref: 33 1/3 itself, any site or book worth it’s salt will mention who was in these things, she’s a well known singer in the UK and if you’ve ever watched Ab Fab [I’m sure you get it over in America hence the Roseanne appearance of Patsy and Edina] she sang the title theme This Wheels On Fire. Or look up this site:


  15. Match the Monkee to the Ex-wife / girlfriend / partner by placing corresponding letters next to Monkee names, next to corresponding partners. (Unfortunately, the Monkees' names can be used more than once.)

    A: Davy
    B: Peter
    C: Mike
    D: Micky

    Ref: You should know this it’s basic Monkees knowledge it’s in plenty of books [Monkeemania, Total Control], on plenty of sites [Psycho-jello] & documentaries/ interviews [E! Hollywood True Stories].

  16. Which Monkee is a grandpa? (As Of The Quiz Release Date)


    Ref: Total Control pg 244, he has 3, all Christian's, as in his son as how would I know their religious preferences? Davy has stated he will be but it hasn’t happened just yet it’ll happen in July when he’s saying he’s the first Monkee gramps at concerts he’s wrong, if you want to dispute it go to interviews where he keeps saying there were only 56 Monkees eppis. The man is NOT that good at recalling things.


  17. How many Monkee children are there?

    There are 15 of them, busy, busy Monkees, don’t you guys have good TV or something?

    Ref: Again it’s a basic one lots of sites, zines etc. But count them and see [not in particular order I’m lucky to remember them off the top of my head half the time:

    Mike - Christian, Johnathon, Jason, Jessica.

    Micky - Ami, Georgia, Emily, Charlotte.

    Davy - Thalia, Sarah, Jessica, Annabel.

    Peter - Hallie, Ivan, Erica.

    [Of course there may be more but we don’t know about them, Jason was a well kept secret for a time.]



  18. What Monkees song is in the newly released movie "Vanilla Sky"?

    The Porpoise Song [Theme From Head]

    Ref: Go see the film or buy the soundtrack, check out here:

    http://www.vanillasky.com/flash_site/index.html , lots of zines have told you as have alerts and Phil’s own board. Oh and by the way all the music is on the film for a particular reason so said Cameron Crowe, it’s significant………. Well he said it I didn’t.


  19. Match the Monkee that guest starred to each show. Each Monkee can be used more than once. (Place the corresponding Monkee Letter(s) next to each show).

    A: Davy
    B: Peter
    C: Mike
    D: Micky

    Ref: Sites who can be bothered to list Monkee achievements, International
    Movie Database site:

  20. Monkees director Jim Frawley was nominated for an Emmy for Best Director for a Comedy Series in 2001 for which show?


    Ref: International Movie Database site:
    http://us.imdb.com/Pawards?Frawley,+James  any complaints over this should go to Sarah Elf this was her baby.



  21. On question #7 what is the product's motto?

    Doesn’t fade, bleach or shrink your brains!

    Ref: Card Carrying Red Shoes, Film & TV Vault:


  22. What links the movies "Stakeout" & "Alien" to a Monkee and how?

    Repoman. Emilo Estefez [Stakeout] & Harry Dean Stanton [Alien] were the repomen of the title of the film produced by Mike Nesmith!

    Ref: Total Control, watch the films.


  23. At some concerts this summer Peter's band Shoe Suede Blues opened for the Monkees, but Peter was in disguise. What was his character's name?

    Guitar Beltway Slim

    Ref: Monkee Business Fanzine #97 June 2001, plus other zines and postings on boards of concert reviews, alert notices & The online Propeller Interview:


    He states it was fun and that a fair few people didn’t know it was him……only if they don’t have access to an internet site or live under a rock cause there’s no way the disguise will have been that great.

    Be a hero to yourself! ~PHT


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