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The winner of the 15th Official Monkee Quiz is:
Teresa In Texas!!!
She Won a "Very Monkee Christmas" CD!
She won with 107.5 Points!!!

Great Job To Everyone!

Monkees Quiz #15 Answers:

Knocked up in a bizarre fashion by Abi Elf
Much needed help and guidance from Sarah Elf & Christy Elf
Kindly transferred into internet speak by Phil Elf

  1. In the opening credits, which Monkee opens his wetsuit to reveal a dry dress suit?


    Ref: Opening credits for one, T V & Film Vault, yes folks it starts already http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html Point of interest this actually was filmed for the Pilot and was used in the opening sequence of the original thing, not sure if it was placed in the eppi though.

  2. Name 5 members of the Syndicate to which the Purple Flower Gang belongs:

    Fuselli, Benny The Book, Big Flora, Paddy The Fix, Red O’Leary & Rocco

    Ref: Monkees A La Carte, and go on guess http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html

  3. In "The Spy That Came in From the Cool," what does Peter think about demonstrations?

    ‘It’s the only way to sell vacuum cleaners’

    Ref: The Spy Who Came In From The Cool watch it and see.

  4. Name the three Monkees' neighbors in "Monkee Mayor."

    Mr Swezey, Mrs Homer, Mrs Filcholk

    Ref: Monkee Mayor and………… http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html

  5. In the airport Peter runs around screaming, "Don't fly too close the sun or your wings will melt!!" What fable is this in reference to?


    Ref: Look up your Greek classics it’s one of the big ones. He built feathers from wax rope and feathers soared high into the sky too near the sun and one fried Iccarus plummets to his death. You live and learn huh?

  6. What is the Big Man's name?

    Mr Kowalkski, Mrs Kowalkski, Bessie Kowalkski, Bessie, Micky

    Ref: Ghost Town, http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html , Micky is there cause he pretended to be the big man who just so happened to sound a tad like Jimmy Cagney! You got full marks for one of the answers , bonus points for any more given.

  7. What two episodes do the Monkees say "Well, that's show business!" as the episode's closing line?

    Ghost Town & Monkees Paw

    Ref: Watch the eppis, trust in us or go to….. http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html

  8. In the Fairy Tale episode, we see Peter in an "impenetrable gray suit of maille." In what other episodes do we see this suit?

    Monkees Mind Their Manor [duel between Davy and Twiggly], Some

    Like It Lukewarm [Daphne wears it]

    Ref: Watch the eppis, http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html

  9. In an interview in the 60s, a friend describes one of the Monkees. Which Monkee is it? >"I often wondered how _______ could concentrate with so much was going on >around him, but some his photographic mind digests a script just as easily as he digests a plate of lamb chops — which happens to be his favorite food."


    Ref: ‘Here We Are!’ Tiger Beat mail order magazine page 28 said by his friend Jeff Neal.

  10. What group hit #48 on the US pop chart with "The Story of Rock 'n' Roll" in 1968, about one year after the Monkees attempted to record it?

    The Turtles

    Ref: http://www.marstalent.com/disc_turtle.htm Incidentally it came #37 in the Cashbox charts the one in the question was Billboard.

  11. Who runs up to the camera at the end of the Pleasang Valley Sunday video? (Click the window to drop down the menu of choices).


    Ref: Monkee Mayor watch the eppi. It’s probably also on the Monkees CD ROM thingy too.

  12. Which Monkees were to be replaced during filming of the Monkees series at various times and what were the reasons they were to be replaced?

    All of them and for the following reasons:

    Mike - Too much trouble recording-wise.

    Boyce, Hart and Kirshner thought he was a total pain set up a meeting with Wayne Erwin. Kirshner told of how he was going to get rid of Mike and would he like to be first choice as replacement. Of course Kirsh never got his way here.

    Ref: Total Control pgs 47 & 48

    Micky - Draft papers came through.

    Thought his Perthese disease would be the saver but found they didn’t care, in the end depending on his mood it was either his poor eyesight or he was too skinny that saved him.
    Ref: I’m A Believer pgs 86 - 89

    Davy - Draft papers came through. He was considered a valid US troop due to paying tax to Uncle Sam, stories are he paid someone who knew how to get him out of it and found they ‘lost’ all the J files that the army had, a petition was started definitely in the UK and sent to the US embassy to tell them where to go, he began to starve himself. Depending on his mood it was either the fact he was too thin, too small, married or his fathers sole provider. Tim Rooney is rumoured to have been considered as a replacement.

    Ref: They Made A Monkee Out Of Me pgs 90 & 91, Daydream Believin’ pgs 128 & 129, Monkeemania pgs 61 & 62

    Peter - Just wanted to leave because it wasn’t what he wanted. He was actually talked out of leaving at least twice very early on. Bill Chadwick was considered as his replacement due to musical ability.

    Ref: Monkeemania pg 76, Peter has made references to this many times in many interviews.

  13. Who opted for the pay by profit scheme from "Head" & what happened?


    Thinking he was an astute businessman he wanted to be paid by profits, not a salary/ chunk like the other 3 decided on. He got bot all cause the film bombed! This was probably one of the reasons he didn’t go on strike with the others as he felt he’d get more moola if waiting for the profits, also he was about to leave so rocking the boat wouldn’t have been too bright.

    Ref: Mojo Magazine June Edition pg 48.

  14. Who was arrested in New York City for promoting "Head"?

    Jack Nicholson & Bob Rafelson, due to accosting a cop with a Head sticker.

    Ref: Monkeemania pg 100, Hey Hey We're The Monkees [Bronson] pg148

  15. On the song "Lady's Baby" (US Rhino CD release of The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees) Peter used a baby's cooing noises. Name the baby.

    Justin Harvey Hammer

    Justin is the Baby of the title his mum Karen was Lady, Peter dated her definitely during 67 he was with her at Monterey, and until definitely January 68 she went to the UK with him. She eventually married Bob Hammer in July 68 who helped to create BRINCO.

    Ref: Birds, Bees, Monkees CD liner notes, also lots on the web.

  16. Upon arriving in Australia in 1968, customs agents confiscated a book from Peter. Name the book and the author.

    The Naked Lunch, William S. Burroughs

    Ref: Monkeemania pg 106, Monkees Talk Downunder CD liner notes by the same guy who wrote Monkeemania

  17. What is so strange about the UK video release of 33 1/3 compared to the US single cassette release [Not the box set the single cassette]?

    It’s not shown in broadcast order, the sequences are all to pot, however when I got to see the broadcast order tape it still made no sense at all! It wasn’t as easy as just covers but you got points if you mentioned that, if it were covers then the other tape wouldn’t have been mentioned folks!

    Ref: Watch the UK tape and the US tape. Or go to the Film TV Vault you should know where to find the link by now.

  18. What Derek and the Dominoes song did Mike cover in his solo career and who wrote it?

    I Looked Away by Eric Clapton & Bobby Whitlock

    Ref: http://www.kpig.com/index.php3?song_id=638 http://home.uchicago.edu/~agalperi/dominoes.html by the way Eric is Derek!

  19. Which Monkee called himself "a real idiot" about his appearance on the "Tonight Show" in 1969? Why?


    Ref: Present CD liner notes, he babbled about things he was into at the time, holograms, polygraph tests and a TV Guide article ‘How To Hog The Camera Without Seeming Too Pushy On The Talk Shows’.

  20. What was the name of the video show that Michael Nesmith had on Nickelodeon? Which Monkee relative was a host for it?

    Pop Clips, Coco Dolenz

    Ref: Total Control, E! Hollywood True Stories. This is the show which spawned MTV the show Mike was too busy to go on with and just gave away!

  21. What Nez tune is about "complex adaptive systems"?

    Yellow Butterfly, yes it is chaos theory!

    Ref: Live At The Britt CD and video, also a lot of live Nez bootlegs of that time.

  22. On the show "Spyography" Peter said the Monkees had asked a certain person to be the fifth Monkee but unfortunately this person was frozen. Name the person to which Peter is referring.

    Austin Powers

    Ref: http://melhi.freeyellow.com/poptvfaq.txt IMDb http://www.imdb.com/ look up Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me and you’ll see it’s on the DVD as a bonus

  23. Which Monkee's 1997 rider reads that he must have 1 bottle extra strength Tylenol in his dressing room (among other items)


    Ref: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/backstagetour/monkees/monkees1.html

  24. What is Davy's grandson's name?

    Harrison Rand Jones McFadden

    Ref: http://www.davyjones.net Harry for short due to Davy’s dad and Rand is a McFadden family name.

  25. What do the movies "Alien Resurrection," "Parenthood," and "St. Elmo's Fire" have to do with a Monkee? (I Like These, Abi!)

    Winona Ryder, Jason Robards, Rob Lowe starred in the films mentioned and in Squaredance aka Home Is Where the Heart Is, of course Mike produced the film.

    Ref: IMDb http://www.imdb.com/, The films watch them Total Control pg 297


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