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The winner of the 4th Official Monkee Quiz is:

Winner: Abigail Maddison.......95 pts!

Abigail won a Monkees Multimedia CD ROM!



  1. Micky's pre-Monkee band was named "Micky and The MoonRakers."


  2. The first episode in which DAYDREAM BELIEVER is showcased is "Art, For Monkees' Sake."


  3. James Frawley won an Emmy for directing the episode "The Monkees in Paris."


  4. "That could've been your face!" was said by Peter.


  5. The Monkees' series of original albums consisted of 9 LPs. The sixth one, between "The Birds and The Bees and The Monkees" and HEAD, was a "Greatest Hits" that had purple cover on which was a record being "played" by a record player arm shaped like The Monkees' guitar logo.



  6. Which Monkee once dated Momma Cass, of "The Mommas and The Papas"?


  7. Who opened for The Monkees at the Hollywood Bowl?

    Ike & Tina Turner

  8. What do the episodes "Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers," "The Spy Who Came In From The Cool," and "Monkees A La Mode" have in common (aside from involving The Monkees and having appeared in the first season)?

    Vallerie Kairys appeared in all of them

  9. "It'll never sell." Who said it? In which episode is it heard? (5 points total; 2.5 pts each)

    Mike. In "Monkee See, Monkee Die," when the butler tells them that the late Mr. Cunningham recorded his will on a phonograph record, Mike looked at Micky and said, "it'll never sell."


  10. What colors are on the cover of The Monkees' "Present" album? (1 pt for each color)

    The original cover to "Present" was Black, Red, and White, although Rhino reprints added extra colors (this was confirmed by Phil).



  11. Peter's known to be able to play at least eight different instruments. Which of the following is not one of them?


  12. The song "Randy Scouse Git" is recorded in the same key as it is written in the sheet music. In which musical key is it set?


  13. In which episode does Monte Landis first appear?

    Everywhere A Sheik Sheik

  14. "Don't ever lend money to a man with a sense of humor." Where was this statement said?

    A Bathroom

  15. In 1980, a Kodak commercial using "Daydream Believer" sparked a Monkees revival in which country?


    ESSAY: (No more than 3 sentences)

  16. What Role did Davy play in "Coronation Street"?

    Eva Sharple's grandson, Colin

  17. Mike became the first person/Artist to win a Grammy Award for the best title of a Music Video. What title is it?

    Elephant Parts

  18. What is a "35 Isocontric lens with a Reflex Hoverton Medium"? From which episode does it come? Who says it? (5 points total; 1 point each)

    A type of Lens. In the episode "Monkee Mayor," when Peter took a picture of the Mayor's filing cabinet, the other three asked him what it was, and this is what he said. The other three just shrugged it off as if it were ludicrous, and walked away.


  19. "He'll never make it." Who said it? Where? To whom was the comment directed? (5 points total; 1 point each)

    Mike. In the battle sequence of HEAD, Mike said it to Davy and Micky in reference to Peter who was racing across a bomb-riddled battlefield for more ammo. He then blew a bubble from the gum he was chewing and popped it.


  20. What is Peter's Definition of the word "Surreal"?

    "Surreal is when you can understand all the pieces, but they don't make sense together." (Source: Sarah Ito's transcript of the HEAD party).


    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! 


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