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The winner of the 11th Official Monkee Quiz is:
Erin Coulson!!!

She Won Monkees Archive CD #1!

She won with 103 Points!!!

Great Job To Everyone!

In order for you to claim your prize, I need to have your mailing addresses.
This notice will also be supplemented by a personal E-Mail from me.
contact me as soon as you can.

Again, Congratulations!!!!!!

Researched painstakingly by your friendly, if not a tad evil, Quiz Elf Team. Okay So Abi Elf did most of this one and paid for it, but Sarah Elf didn't say no don't do it, nor did Christy Elf they are as guilty as her!!!

Monkees Quiz #12 Answers:

  1. In the 60's Davy had a dog that ran away. What was its name and what did he call the dog he replaced it with?

    Susie was the one who ran away. Susie II was the replacement.

    Ref: Monkees Monthly # 11

  2. Which Monkees songs appear on Peters CDs?

    Take A Giant Step, MGB-GT, Gettin' In, MGB-GT accoustic, Pleasant Valley Sunday, Daydream Believer.

    Ref: First off we said CDs so the 7" doesn't count. Those who think MG isn't Monkees should look at the B Side of Heart & Soul, which was a Monkees release. The Monkees, Heart & Soul 7", Pool It!, Pisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones Ltd, The Birds the Bees & The Monkees LP's & CD's, Stranger Things Have Happened, Two Man band & Once Again CD's.http://www.petertork.com. Okay it has been brought to my attetion that perhaps 7" means nothing to those not from Europe. 7" is a 45, well duh some of you may say, but here in the UK we get 10" & 12" singles, which run at 45, so it's not that obvious. Oh and Vinyl is what we had before CD's.

  3. By what name did Mike later record "Carlisle Wheeling" under in his solo days?


    Ref: Loose Salute, Total Control book

  4. Which Monkees episode first introduced us to Micky's fuzzy afro hairdo?

    Everywhere A Sheikh Sheikh, we are introduced in the closing interview. But you also got points if you mentioned It's A Nice Place To Visit, the snippets of the video What Am I Doing Hanging Round? & Hillybilly Honeymoon which was the first episode to give us a full scale afro attack.

    Ref: I checked the episodes just to make sure!

  5. "Who turned on the dark?" is from which episode and who said it?


    Peter says it in Monkee See Monkee Die.

    Ref: The episode & the back of Cornerstone Trading Card #2

  6. In how many episodes does Peter wear the infamous bunny pajamas [not including the opening titles?)

    He wears the romper suit [for that is what it is. Jim Jams are 2 piece. But I concede the proof I've been shown says it is orange, not red as I thought, but I'm still sure I saw a red one in 7 episodes.

    Ref: Monkee See Monkee Die, Find The Monkees, Monkees Chow mein, I Was A 99 Pound Weakling, Wild Monkees, A Coffin Too Frequent, Monstrous Monkee Mash. I have surprisingly embedded these into memory anyone guess why?

  7. Who draws the short straw in "Monkees At The Movies", and what are the consequences?

    Davy draws the short straw. He has to become the star of 'I Married A Creature From Out Of Town', replacing Frankie Catalina.

    Ref: Monkees At The Movies. T V & Film Vault http://members.tripod.com/~ahiii/monkeesfilmTV.html

  8. Who is Nurite Wilde, and what links her to the Monkees?

    Nurite is a photographer, who had an affair with Mike mothering his child Jason. You got bonus points or other points for mentioning the following: she was also a good friend of Peter and still is, rumour has it she was one of Peters girls in the 60's. She took official Monkees photos. She appeared in Monkees In Texas.

    Ref: Pisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones Ltd cd liner notes, Total Control, E! Hollywood True Stories. Her web site: http://www.promusicians.net/wildeimages/main.html

  9. Match the Monkees to the song (look below box) they sang lead on (place corresponding letter(s) near name:

    Davy - a [Run Away From Life]

    Micky - b & e [Sometime In The Morning & I Don't Think You Know Me]

    Mike - d & e [Hollywood & I Don't Think You Know Me]

    Peter - c & e [Come On In & I Don't Think You Know Me]

    Ref: Justus,More Of The Monkees, Missing Links 1, Missing Links 3, Missing Links 2, More Of The Monkees, Listen To The Band Box Set. Up to now a Davy on lead I Don't Think You Know Me hasn't surfaced.

    a). Run Away From Life
    b). Sometime In The Morning
    c). Come On In
    d). Hollywood
    e). I Don't Think You Know Me

  10. Who is Straybert? What are they responsible for and what links them to the Monkees?

    Steve Blaumer, Bob Raffelson & Bert Schnider. They produced and formulated The New Monkees. The also all worked on The Monkees show in the 60's. Blaumer was one of the many executives.

    Ref: Many fanzines which poured scorn on the New Monkees, New Musical Express 5th July 1986.

  11. In the 60's Micky went to college (strange but true). What career did he intend on having?

    He was thinking of becoming an Architect.

    Ref: Monkee Monthlies, Monkeemania & I'm A Believer books.

  12. Who tried to sue Mike in the late 80's and when was it resolved?

    12 Public Broadcasting Service [PBS], February 1999.

    Ref: Total Control, many many zines, newspapers, sites and shows.

  13. What was the last Monkees song to have all four Monkees playing on it before the release of "Justus", and where can you find this gem?

    Listen To The Band, 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee.

    Ref: The hideous TV Spec.

  14. "You & I" [Justus] was recorded before 1996 by Monkees?


    Ref: Note the lack of 'THE' just Monkees was put down. You can find it on Dolenz Jones Boyce & Hart the LP.

  15. "I Never Thought It Peculiar" was played on the 70's re-run of "The Frodis Caper"?


    Ref: Manufactured Image book, 70's repeats [I have a copy with it on!), T V & Film Vault.

  16. All of the Monkees have quit the group at one time or another. Which Monkee left in which year?

    Davy - 1997

    Micky - 1989

    Mike - 1969 & 1997 [we accepted 1970 as he did adverts then but paid out in 69]

    Peter - 1968 & 2001

    Ref: Many zines, sites, articles and books. Peter left first then Mike. After Changes things just dwindled. Micky quit for health reasons in 89. Peter stated in an interview in the mid 90's Davy was the only one never to have quit. Mike bailed in 97 after the UK Tour [I got to see him you know!]. Davy finally stropped at the end of 97 claiming never again it was done with he'd never be a Monkee again. Yeah right Davy. Of course Peter pulled the bailing act 01 coming full circle.

  17. Which Monkee was hired first for the series pilot show?

    Davy was.

    Ref: Hey Hey We're The Monkees documentary & book, They Made A Monkee Out Of Me & Daydream Believin' books.

  18. "Head" {the movie} made it's first UK cinema debut in what year?

    It was first shown in December 1977 and ran through January 1978.

    Ref: Headquarters Fanzine. When the sales of Daddy's Song & Head soundtrack failed to hit it big the film guys got edgy and pulled it's release until 1977. The Monkees Caught In A False Image book if you put March 1977 you still got the points as this book does state that as the date and I gave you the benefit of the doubt in having it.

  19. Only three of the Monkees have played duel roles in various episodes.


    Ref: Watch the shows every Monkees has had dual roles........ okay here's the run down to some, Davy - Prince And The Pauper, Fairy Tale. Micky - Alias Micky Dolenz, Fairy Tale. Mike - Fairy Tale. Peter - Card Carrying Red Shoes [watch the ending]. There are more but this shows but a few.

  20. Which song has gone down in Monkees legend that sparked off the first big Kirshner battle?

    Sugar Sugar.

    Ref: I'm A Believer book.


  21. Who is Ken Thorne, and what links him to both The Monkees and The Beatles?

    He was a composer for film soundtracks, still is as far as i know, I did see his name on something the other day. He did the orchestrations on the films Hard days Night & Help for The Beatles, also Head for The Monkees. There's the link.

    Ref: The films, zines and other such stuff.

  22. Which Monkees song according to Peter Tork, caused problems with the high up TV executive types, and which LP can it be found on?

    Salesman. Pisces Aquarius capricorn & Jones Ltd.

    Ref: The cd liner notes.

  23. From the three sentence description name the Monkees episode:

    The boys end up in a big old castle.
    Brain transference seems to be right in order.
    Pretty girls locked away in closets ready for the sequel.

    I Was A Teenage Monster: they were hired to teach the monster at the castle, their talent was transfered into the monster, Dr Mendozas neice was reading the next script in the cupboard for the sequel.

    Ref: The episode.

  24. What song sounded the death bell for Kirshner and why?

    She Hangs Out or The Girl I Knew Somewhere would do a bonus for both. Kirshner had been told that the next Monkees 7" had to have a B Side with the boys playing on it. He released A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You with She Hangs Out on it. He got fired, the single was pulled and later released with TGIKS on it.

    Ref: Hey Hey We're The Monkees documentary & book, lots of other books, sites and interviews.


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