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The winner of the 6th Official Monkee Quiz is:

Winner: Kim Boatman.......102 pts (including all EXTRA CREDIT questions)

Kim won the video "E! True Hollywood Story"

In order for you to claim your prize, I need to have your mailing addresses.
This notice will also be supplemented by a personal E-Mail from me.
contact me as soon as you can.

Again, Congratulations!!!!!!

Here Are The Answers To Quiz #6

  1. Match the character's name to his job. (Use each only once). (1 point each)

    Rob Roy Fingerhead:   C     Monkees A La Mode 
    Jerry Blavat:              D     Some Like It Lukewarm
    J.B. Guggins:             E     Monkees V's Machine 
    Luther Kramm:           B     Monkees At The Movies
    Wilbur Zeckenbush:    A     Monkee Mayor

    A. Corrupt Construction Tycoon
    B. Hollywood Producer-Director
    C. Chic Photographer
    D. TV Host/Radio DJ @ KXIW
    E. Toy Company Owner

    Ref: Shows end credits, TV Vault.


  2. Name the two Monkee Relatives who have written songs for The Monkees. Name their songs. (1.25 points each).

    Nicholas Thorkelson, Alvin [pulled from Birds, Bees, Monkees] later used as bonus track for reissue cd]
    Janelle Scott, Pillow Time [Micky's mam, co written with Matt Willis. Monkee version found on Present, bonus track on cd reissue Headquarters, longer version on HQ Sessions cd set Mickys solo cd Puts You To Sleep]

    Ref: Liner notes.


  3. Davy once owned a hearse.


    Ref: Cars Of The Monkees site. [need another source as this is under construction]


  4. What was Davy's screen test number?


    Ref: Screen test number on Pilot show, Monkees Pad site interview scripts.

  5. Why wasn't Davy in "That Was Then, This Is Now?" (No more than 3 sentences).

    Davy felt the Arista deal was a bad one, that they didn't have the Monkees career in mind and only wanted to cash in on them. Also he felt that Micky and Peter had given up any creative control only putting their voices to pre-written songs, also the pay deal was bad.

    Ref: I'm A Believer pg 5 & 6, Monkees Tale Updated pg 106 and convention talks.


  6. Micky likes to paint and has even sold some of his paintings in a gallery.

    True [Image Makers Art Inc sold them for $225 each]

    Ref: Band 6 UK Fan Club fanzine 1997.


  7. Fill in the famous Micky line: "It's a little joke..."

    "About this big"

    Ref: Monkees At The Circus: Micky in response to Susan asking what they'll do when the town finds out there are no Mozzarella Brother says "For our first act we can get out of town ... a little joke... a little joke, get it a little joke ... about this big." & Dance Monkees Dance: Trying to come up with a plan to thwart Renaldo Davy reads an ad for the dance studio and ..... Davy: tomorrow the place is gonna be loaded with suckers Peter: All day? [big smile] All day suckers [pulls out big lollypop with a small giggle. It's a joke [said with some embarrassment] Micky: A little joke ... about that big [said somewhat scornfully]
  8. Micky was in a band before The Monkees. Give both names for it and tell under what circumstances Micky left it. (No more than 3 sentences). 

    Micky and the One Nighters, Missing Links, fired due to surplus requirements. The group felt that as they asng and that was all Micky did the cash would go further without him. Pointing out he could play guitar was scorned as the guitarist said they didn't need another.

    Ref: I'm A Believer pg 55 & 56

  9. After the Monkees series was over, Peter was a director for documentaries.


    Ref: Peter did set up BRINCO Break Through Influence Company with Bobby Hammer {who later married Karen Harvey 'Lady'}. It was a film production, artist development company. Only thing documented was demos with a singer Judy Mayhan. Monkeemania pg 98.


  10. Give the names of Peter's children.

    Hallie Elizabeth, Ivan Joseph & Erica.

    Ref: Erica was born June 97 and is still in that gray area as Peter hasn't confirmed it himself. Band 6 UK Fan Club, Monkees Mailing List and Resource site & http://www.angelfire.com/ca3/reflectionsmonkee66 Peter bio page


  11. What is Peter's favorite "road story?" (No more than 3 sentences).

    Davy's salad incident
    "My favorite road story? It's still Davy ... the story of Davy, we were on our way early on, very early, and one of the things that makes it so good was that we didn't really know each other at the time, in fact they did this story in the Bio-flick, the Bio-pic, and they didn't do it quite right but, we pulled into this restaurant and ordered some meals, and Micky and my salad came first and David watched us eat and said "You pigs!" He said "anybody would tink you's was born in a barn the way you's guy's was eatin'!" And I became very crestfallen, and shame face, because I didn't know how you ate a salad if you didn't eat it the way I ate it, I just stuck a fork in the bowl and whatever comes up on the fork is what I ... Davy's salad came and he cut the salad carefully into one inch strips, turned the bowl 90 degrees and cut the strips into one inch squares, doused it with blue cheese and tossed it carefully until each and every square was thoroughly soppingly coated with blue cheese, and then reached in and grabbed a great big fistful and smashed it in his face!" "And I laughed like hell! It was like his way of saying, maybe I was a little strong on you guys, maybe it was kind of an apology, but I laughed like a son of a bitch! It remains one of the great stories to this day, great Monkees story, great road story." 

    Lovingly handwritten and then typed by myself

    Ref: Manifesto magazine interview with Steve Escobar


  12. Mike's mother, Bette Nesmith, invented Liquid Paper ("White Out").


    Ref: Total Control Mikes bio, Australian ad Mike did.

  13. During the Monkees TV series, Mike had a big dog. What was his name?

    Accepting: Fraak, Frack, Frak, Frakk

    Ref: Spotte was female she had 10 pups in 1968, Fraak was a trained Attack dog German Shepard who scared a lot of people including Cher. Total Control pg 111, Made A Monkee Out Of Me pg 212, I'm A Believer pg 133, Monkees Collectibles Price Guide pg 122.


  14. Why and when did Mike start to play the guitar? (No more than 3 sentences).

    1963 two years before the Monkees. He saw Hoyt Axton play a club while in the Air Force and thought he could do it so when his family bought him a guitar he began to learn from records and decided to write songs for himself because they sounded better.


  15. Name the episode that was the last to bear the musical supervising stamp of Don Kirshner.

    Monkees On The Line
    Ref: TV Vault. Episodes after this did not have Musical Supervisor Don Kirshner credit in end credits because he had been fired by then painstakingly looking through end credits myself


  16. The President of the U.S. sent a letter to The Monkees complaining about their loud fans.


    Ref: Princess Margaret sent the note when they stayed in the Royal Kensington Hotel during their UK dates in 1967. Hey Hey Documentary, Clive James Show UK March 1997


  17. How much was "John's Raccoon?"

    35 Bucks

    Ref: Davy on Gonna Buy Me A Dog, The Monkees LP/CD. Listening to the CD myself and lyrics page


  18. According to Micky, what is "Last Train To Clarksville" really about?

    An anti-war song about a soldier going off to war.

    Ref: I'm A Believer pg 140. Hart didn't think of it as a protest song until he heard Micky say it in an interview and thought "Why not, it sounds good to me" Hey Hey We're The Monkees book pg 35. Boyce backs it up stating it as a simple love song about a guy leaving home who might not see his girl again hoping she'd be at the station. How To Write A Hit Song And Sell It pg 79


  19. Finish the quote: "Together we will march. Together we will fight. Together we will win..."

    "Together we will find ourselves in places we don't have any business being"

    Ref: Micky and Davy in search for Peter in Card Carrying Red Shoes. Checked the episode myself


  20. Who is in this picture? Name the Monkee that helped him. How did that Monkee help him?

    Ref: Made A Monkee Out Of Me pg 191, Monkeemania pg 73, I'm A Believer pg 137, Monkees Spectacular #5.


    Extra Credit:

  21. What is "gleeb?"

    Micky & Samantha's word for love.

    Ref: "We had gone so far as to avoid using the word love it was too... establishment. We coined a new word to describe how   we felt about each other: "Gleeb". We would be standing there holding hands she in her custom coordinated mini skirt outfit   and I in my cut off jeans and tie dyed T shirt, and look into each others eyes and say "I gleeb you!" I'm A Believer pg 152.


  22. What name did Mike go by before he became a Monkee?

    Michael Blessing.
    Ref: Bob Krasnow Mikes manager in 1965 told him to change his name. Looking through a phone book Mike came across Blessing and said   well? Bob said "I still don't like it but it's better than Nesmith.  Hey Hey documentary Hey Hey Documentary, Total Control, Monkeemania, Monkees Tale, Manufactured Image, Screen test interview Monkees Pad site   interview scripts


  23. What is Mike's IQ?

    According to DJ61,  it's 198

Ref: Monkees V's Machine. Searched it myself to make sure.


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