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The winners of the 2nd Official Monkee Quiz are:

1st-Place: Abbigail Maddison (105 Points): Monkees Grab Bag (Assorted Goodies)

2nd-Place: Kim Boatman (87.5 Points): Sheet Music To Your Favorite Monkees Song (Not Original & Providing We Have It. Will Be Replaced By Mystery Prize If We Don't Have It).

In order for you to claim your prize, I need to have your mailing addresses.
This notice will also be supplemented by a personal E-Mail from me.
contact me as soon as you can.

Again, Congratulations!!!!!!

Here Are The Answers To Quiz #2

  1. Davy had the red surfboard


  2. Which Monkee is Fantastic?


  3. In the opening tag, what is the order (from left to right) of The Monkees as they do the Monkee Walk?

    g> Davy, Peter, Micky, Mike

  4. In which year did Micky return to the United States as a resident?

    1990 (Check Micky's site from The Monkees Collector's Home Page (Phil's Page). Click on his picture and go to Micky's homepage).


  5. What is the name of Davy's horse?

    Regal Splendor, Digpast Teen Idol, and Jeremy (One will Do).

  6. In a concert promo from 1967, there was a picture of The Monkees imitated by four WOMEN.


  7. "Isn't that dumb?" is a common Monkee quote that first appeared in which episode? Who said it? (2.5 pts each)

    "Hillbilly Honeymoon" (a.k.a. "Double-Barreled Shotgun Wedding")

  8. The Jolly Green Giants received in the mail a private invitation to an audition and something else. What is it? (be specific)

    An autographed picture of Annette Funicello

  9. Peter leaves a trail of what all over the city? (be specific)

    Pistachio nuts

  10. What is the wrong number that Sigmund dials? What is his password? (2.5 pts each)

    Klondike5-8618. "The streetcar is going up the hill."

  11. During the HEADQUARTERS sessions, there was a conflict between Mike and Peter regarding the whole project, not just one song. What was it about? Who won? (2.5 pts each)

    Mike wanted Chip Douglas to produce the album, but Peter wanted Stephen Stills. Mike won.


  12. Which are Peter's three favorite Monkee songs? (I read this in one magazine that had an interview with Peter)

    f> Pleasant Valley Sunday, Shades of Gray, Early Morning Blues and Greens

  13. Something is mocking the sun. What is it? (be specific)

    A distant night bird ("Early Morning Blues and Greens")

  14. Which Monkee had "lieutenants"? How did this come to be? When? (5 points total or 1 point each) (be specific and complete)

    Micky. In early 1967, on the night of The Monkees' party with The Beatles, Micky, stoned out of his head, left the hotel and went for a walk. He wound up lost and wandering around in Hyde Park around 6am. Within a few hours, some kids on their way to school saw him and gathered around him and wanted him to sing. Within the hour, he had about 300 kids mobbing him. He granted the rank of "lieutenant" to all the earliest kids to keep "crowd control" while he sang. The police eventually came to get the kids off to school and, after a debate with the police on one side and Micky and "his children" on the other, they went back to the hotel, with a mob of kids running after them. Back at the hotel, Micky stood out on his balcony and said "good bye" to all "his children," telling them that they had to get off to school. That was his day as "King."


  15. Who was Micky's trusted partner in CIRCUS BOY?

    "Bimbo" the elephant

  16. Who wrote I DON'T THINK YOU KNOW ME? On which date was it originally recorded? Who produced it? (5 points total or 1 point each) (be specific)

    Gerry Goffin and Carole King (writers). 6-25-66. Jeff Barry (producer).

  17. Which HEADQUARTERS song was originally released on the flipside to RANDY SCOUSE GIT until the single was quickly pulled?

    "You Told Me" (check the end of the credits for the HEADQUARTERS CD. If I remember correctly, that's where I found that information).


  18. Finish the Lyrics: "I think I will travel to Rio, using the music for flight. There's nothing that I know of in Rio,___________________. Who sings it? (2.5 points each)

    "...But it's something to do with the night."  Mike.

  19. Identify the speaker: "The Monkees are still finding out who they are, and they seem to be improving as performers each time I see them. When they've got it all sorted out, they may be the greatest."

    e> George Harrison

  20. HEAD: Who says the line, "That song sure was white"? What is he leading around beside him? (2.5 pts each)

    Frank Zappa. A brown cow with a bell around its neck.

  21. EXTRA CREDIT: Who made the prophesy about apple seed? When? (2.5 points each)

    Ling Fu Yang. 5000 years ago.

  22. EXTRA CREDIT: What happened at the dying of dawn?

    The great war began ("Zor and Zam")

  23. EXTRA CREDIT: What theme do the episodes MONKEES BLOW THEIR MINDS and MONKEES GO TO PARIS share?

    Breaking away from the control of authority (any ideas revolving around this will be acceptable).


  24. EXTRA CREDIT: Who's always on the go?

    Tuesday, the "Dream Child" ("Saturday's Child")

  25. EXTRA CREDIT: Who's dressing room wall was full of nothing but tacks?


  26. EXTRA CREDIT: "Sonando Despierto" is also known as...?

    "Daydream Believer" (Literally translated: "Dreaming Awake")

There you go! As usual, if there are any questions or comments, please feel free to write me. Thanks!

Have a good one, and I'll talk to you soon.


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