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The winner(s) of the 18th Official Monkee Quiz are:
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Great Job To Everyone!

Monkees Quiz #18 Answers:

Thrown into order by Abi Elf
Abetted fiendishly by Elf
Corrected & polished by Christy Elf
Rechecked by Teresa Elf
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Multiple Choice:

  1. Who did Micky compare Davy to recently when he says: "_________, the face that launched a thousand ships, and Davy is the face that shipped a thousand lunch boxes"?

    Helen Of Troy

    Ref: Well anyone who knows their Greek legends should have known it’s quite a big saying, you see Helen was a bit of a looker….. so I fail to see the
    analogy myself mawhawhawhaw… Basically she was stunning by all reports, and ran away to be with a Trojan, she being Greek it didn’t sit too well with
    her family and war! So you have to wonder if the context is because being
    Royal her face was seen at new boat sendings off, or the fact because of her
    face a ton of ships set off to Troy to beat up Johnny foreigner… [ it the
    second by the way.] It’s in the story of the Trojan War [which also brought
    about the saying beware of Greeks bearing gifts] look for The Iliad by
    Homer, nope not Simpson just a dude named Homer, a nice lil book with it
    in. Micky’s commentary on the US version of DVD ‘Daydream Believers The
    Monkees Story’. If you want to complain you’re not American or don’t have
    the DVD well sorry as I say Ancient History covers it go look it up and I
    have the US DVD and I’m a Brit so no pity on you from me! Also look here:


  2. When the Monkees were driven away in the tank at the end of "Head", who was the only Monkee that left his eyes open?  


    Ref: Yes I know if you watch Head you see Micky and Davy open their eyes too
    this is why you only got one shot cause Peter ‘I don’t mind going blind due
    to dirty water syndrome’ Tork has them open the full tank bit once dunked in
    fully….. he has a thing about it. Oh to make it clear watch Head.

  3. In "Monkee Chow Mien", what time is it on the grandfather clock when Micky goes downstairs for something for his upset stomach?


    Ref: Monkee Chow Mien no one has an excuse for not seeing this….. well
    unless you haven’t had it released in your country one way or another….. but
    still…… What I want to know is if it’s a.m. or p.m. If you thought it was
    6.45 then sorry you need to look very carefully at the clock hands. The
    long hand covers most of the VI which is a 6 and the shorter one hits the
    bottom of the IX or 9…..

  4. Which song was Micky describing when he said: " When we were working with Chip, that was probably the closest thing to the Monkees, and the real Monkees sound, that ever existed?"

    All Of Your Toys

    Ref: Listen To The Band Box Set Booklet, to see it if you don’t have the box
    set go to http://uk.photos.yahoo.com/quiz_elves click on Quiz #18 folder and
    see the scans for all the things we thought to impress you with.

  5. In which solo Micky song does he sing about "plastic food and paper people?"

    Beverly Hills

    Ref: Demoiselle CD, Micky The Singles Bootleg CD, The single it appears on
    obviously To Be Or Not To Be B Side no complaints it’s Japanese release only
    it’s out there on the web and easy to get hold of via bootlegs and Micky’s

    True Or False:

  6. True or False: "It's not about age, it's about life" was said by Peter in 1996?

    False, it was Davy

    Ref: Justus CD cover, buy it and read it…. Or just look in a shop and read
    it, http://uk.photos.yahoo.com/quiz_elves

  7. True or False: "33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee" was put against the "41st Academy Awards Presentation" (Oscars for those not in the know) on ABC-on the Pacific Coast in USA?


    Ref: Many books like Monkeemania, zines, sites:

  8. True or False: Micky was originally asked to play "Micky's" father in the early version of "Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story"?

    False, it was in fact Davy who was asked

    Ref: News clippings: http://us.imdb.com/WN?20000629#7, Davy’s commentary on
    US DVD Daydream Believers: The Monkee's Story, TV: VH1's special "DDB"
    pop-up version & zines such as: Monkee Business Fanzine #94, Sept. 2000.

  9. True or False: Micky, Davy and Peter joined ex-Beatle Paul McCartney in a Pizza Hut commercial?

    False, it was Ringo!

    Ref: The advert, many, many sites, zines & newspapers it was a coup
    apparently…… http://www.monkees.net/picframe.asp?Image=gif/phut1.jpg

    Fill In The Blanks:

  10. What are the Monkee's birthdays? ( month, day, year)

    Peter 13th Feb 1942
    Mike 30th Dec 1942
    Micky 8th March 1945
    Davy 30th Dec 1945

    Ref: If you think Peter was a ‘44 baby you are sooooo wrong that was put out
    after the show became big because it wouldn’t do having the dummy be the
    eldest in the pack…. Peter - Hey Hey We’re The Monkees Documentary ‘I
    believe my parents when they say I was born on February 13 1942’! If you
    still wanna dispute this saying, we can’t hear him buy the Dutch/ Portuguese
    DVD which has a great transcript booklet of the thing. Mike Total Control.
    Micky I’m A Believer. Davy They Made A Monkee Out Of Me & Daydream
    Believin’. Sites, zines, documentaries….. ask them yourself these are the
    dates that have been official, I’ve seen ones for Davy that have 1946 but
    the dates above are the ones given most often and have come from their
    mouths as well!

  11. How did the name of the album "Pool It!" come about?

    Whilst on the tour bus in 1986 after rehearsals, Peter & Davy were
    bickering, [no you cry they don’t argue surely, especially not Peter he’s
    so sweet he doesn’t argue or get mean with anyone…..] over something rather
    dumb it seems, Micky getting sick of their petty argument yelled at them
    "Pool It!" Meaning of course cool it….. of course Peter and Davy found this
    snigger worthy [don’t even try to get pc with me over snigger look it up in
    a dictionary!] and it became the LP’s name.

    Ref: Pool It! CD liner notes, http://uk.photos.yahoo.com/quiz_elves

  12. What was the name of the band Peter played in on "7th Heaven"?

    The Flower and Vegetable Show

    Ref: 7th Heaven eppis No Sex, No Drugs A Little Rock ‘N’ Roll
    100th Eppi something to do with a birthday

  13. In "Monkees A La Mode" where do the Monkees keep their style?

    In the bathtub!

    Ref: Monkees A La Mode watch it

  14. In "It's A Nice Place To Visit", put down the Monkee translation for these names: El Dolenzio: El Nesmito: El Torko:

    El Dolenzio: The bandit without a soul
    El Nesmito: The bandit without a conscience
    El Torko: The Bandit without a nickname

    Ref: It’s A Nice Place To Visit or click here and look:

  15. In the same episode as #14, what audible production mistake is in the showdown scene with El Diablo and Micky?

    The clock only strikes 11 when it’s meant to strike 12!

    Ref: Nice Place, T V & Film Vault:

  16. In "Monkees Race Again" Micky ruins the Baron's engine. What does Micky ask the Baron for to fix it? ( In order!

    Needle and thread, glue, clay, Band-Aid, spit on my finger

    Ref: Monkees Race Again

  17. What is the solo piano piece Peter plays towards the end of "33 1/3"?

    Ref: Okay there are 2 schools of thought over the piece so if you got one or
    the other you got the points, both you get a gold cap of smugness. There are
    those out there who have tried to track down the pieces and have stated them
    one way or the other the 33 1/3 video has the second as do quite a lot of
    places, they are wrong as most people seem to be wising up to. But there are
    some CD versions of the soundtrack and this site:
    http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/3152/33.html which differ…..
    Even the TV Vault has changed it’s mind over what it is. I put the J S Bach
    as right as Rhino the musical experts still insist it’s what they think it
    is even though they are dead wrong!

  18. Who created the Monkeemobile (The Actual Red One that they drove around in?)

    Dean Jefferies

    Ref: Monkee eppi end credit boards, many, many books, zines yadda yadda…… We
    said created not built

  19. In "The Chaperone" episode, when Peter puts an orange into the squeezer, what comes out instead of orange juice?

    A goldfish

    Ref: It’s specifically a Goldfish you did get points for just fish but you
    see it glow gold…. Well orangey which is what they seem to be really.
    Wonder if it ever played on Peter’s mind he killed a fish after becoming a
    vegetarian…. Oh no wait he’s not he eats fish which is meat! He’s a
    selective vegetarian. Especially in Mayor when he’s eating beef…. The
    Chaperone. Oh and if you think I’m just picking on Peter no it’s not, that
    it’s just the others up to now haven’t done anything within the frames here
    to go on about………

  20. Which famous simians did Peter use as backup singers on his "Stranger Things Have Happened" CD? On what songs do they sing?

    Micky & Mike, Milkshake & MG-BGT

    Ref: Stranger Things Have Happened CD liner notes, spurty zines, etc etc….
    Micky and Mike were on Milkshake and Mike also appeared on MG-BGT:
    You got bonus points if you mentioned that Davy had been asked to sing too
    but due to him talking he never got vocals put down so it wasn’t a full set
    of simians.


  21. Micky was in an "obscure sex comedy" B-movie. What is it's title?

    Linda Lovelace For President

    Ref: Many sites: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/extra/dewey/linda.html
    Eileen Elf has it on video and says it’s a really wondrous film to get……
    not, I also have the horrid thing on bootleg and it’s scary the Monkee
    connections in it.

  22. Who did Micky play when he was on "The New Mike Hammer?"

    Scott Warren, a private eye.

    Ref: Eileen Elf supplied the answer, I have yet to watch my copy, but I got
    the impression from zines I read he was a computer geek….. still we wanted
    the name sooo : http://www.hooloovoo.com/dolenz/film.html

  23. What was the original reason for Mike wearing the wool hat?

    To keep his hair out of his eyes when he rode his motorcycle.

    Ref: Monkeemania, VH-1 Pop Up version of Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story, plus a lot of books

  24. What episode do you see the big phone that is also in "Head?"

    Monkees on the Line

    Ref : TV & Film Vault It’s the phone being wheeled in the set on Head……..
    also the eppi and Head


  25. From "The Monkee's Paw" match the answer with the person when they look at the ink spot:  (You may cut & place the names in the box).

    1) Bunny and Chicken: Doctor
    2) Bunch of Flowers: Mike
    3) Tomato ketchup stain: Peter
    4) Nothing: Micky
    5) Girls/Birds dancing: Davy

    Ref: Monkees Paw, Micky can’t answer for he has no voice!

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