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The winner of the 8th Official Monkee Quiz is:
Shawna Keene!!!

She Won A Monkees Computer CD ROM

She won with 115 Points!!!

Great Job To Everyone

In order for you to claim your prize, I need to have your mailing addresses.
This notice will also be supplemented by a personal E-Mail from me.
contact me as soon as you can.

Again, Congratulations!!!!!!

Here Are The Answers To Quiz #8

Thanks To Abi, Sarah & Mark!!!


  1. Who is Monkee #3?


  2. In the opening credits, which Monkee is in the tub?


    Reference: TV Shows opening sequence

  3. Alternate Titles: Give the alternate title to each of these episodes:

    a. Peter & The Debutante:  One Man Shy
    b. Davy & Fern:  Too Many Girls
    c. Leave The Driving To Us:  Monkees Race Again
    d. Double Barrel Shotgun Wedding:  Hillbilly Honeymoon
    e. Mijacogeo: The Frodis Caper

    Reference: Manufactured Image, Cornerstone Trading Cards, TV Vault

  4. How do you kill a 2-headed org?

    Jump up and down three times, roll a head of cabbage and giggle

    Reference: Frodis Caper episode, TV Vault

  5. What are the Monkees code names in Art For Monkees Sake?

    Davy - Manchester Marauder

    Peter - Connecticut Counterspy

    Mike - Modest and Towering Texan

    Micky - Los Angeles Leopard

    Reference: Art For Monkees Sake episode, TV Vault

  6. In how many episodes did Monty Landis appear?

    Seven - Everywhere A Sheik Sheik, Monkee Mayor, Art For Monkees Sake, 99 Pound Weakling, Monkees Marooned, The Devil & Peter Tork, Monkees Blow Their Minds.

    Reference: Manufactured Image, TV Vault

  7. What was the first episode that featured the famous 8 button shirts?

    Monkee See, Monkee Die

    Reference: TV Vault

  8. Who says "You are too short, and you have no ear for music?" Who is it said to? Which episode it is from?

    Toto, Davy (Monkeeman), Monkee Chow Mien

    Reference: Chow Mien episode during the psychological warfare

  9. What was different about Mike's wool hat in the 2nd season?

    The wool hat acquired 6 buttons

    Reference: TV Vault


  11. Who appeared in the Kool-Aid commercials with Mike, Micky, and Davy?

    Bugs Bunny

    Reference: TV Vault, Kool-Aid Ads

  12. What do the Monkees have to steal in "Son Of Gypsy?"

    The Maltese Vulture

    Reference: Son Of A Gypsy episode, TV Vault

  13. Name three good things that happened "Since You Went Away."

    The plants have grown
    The dog came home
    The bills are all getting paid
    I've changed my looks
    Read new books
    I've got friends who mean what they say
    I've got friends that talk to me now

    Reference: song lyrics, Peter Tork Songbook



  14. What song was originally called "By Any Boy?"

    Cuddly Toy

    Reference: Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd CD liner notes


  15. What was Peter's 1st solo album called and what year was it released?

    Stranger Things Have Happened, 1994

    Reference: Monkees Sessionography site



  16. Match the writer to the songs (Insert Corresponding letter next to song):

    a.  Bill Chadwick
    b.  Neil Diamond
    c.  David Gates
    d.  Bill  Martin
    e.  John Stewart

    Reference: CD liner notes

  17. Which Monkees wrote songs which appeared on "Pool It!" and what were those songs? (You may enter more than one!)

    Peter Tork - Gettin' In
    Davy Jones - I'll Love You Forever

    Reference: Pool It! cd liner notes

  18. Mike's nickname for Micky was "skillet face."

    False, Davy called Micky "Skillet face"

    Reference: They Made a Monkee Out Of Me

  19. Which Monkee heads the Gihon Foundation?


    Reference: Total Control, Gihon Foundation website http://www.gihon.com/

  20. What / who has Micky likened the Monkees to when asked about the whole group phenomena?

    Leonard Nimoy turning into Mr. Spock, Yul Brynner really becoming the King of Siam

    References: Way too many interviews for my liking


  21. Which Monkee commented this about the Rhino records reissues? "I have to tell you there's a great sense of pride and happiness at this. I really think that there's something good here... ...Maybe some of the people who missed it will be able to go back and revisit it and think to themselves, 'Oh, that was really good.' "


    Reference: Instant Replay cd liner notes

    Extra Credit: 

  22. List all four of Monkees' full names.

    Peter Halsten Thorkelson
    Robert Michael Nesmith
    George Michael Dolenz
    David Thomas Jones

    Reference: Monkeemania, their official web sites presumably

  23. Name a movie in which Micky's daughter Ami appeared.

    She's Out Of Control, Ticks, Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wing, Withchboard 2:The Return, Rescue Me, Addicted to love, Stepmonster, White Wolves: A Cry In The Wild 2, Can't Buy Me Love, Miracle Beach, Demolition University, Daedalus Is Dead, Life 101, Virtual Seduction, Children Of The Night, Mortal Danger, Faith

    Reference: http://www.amidolenz.com/index2.shtml


  24. Who said, "Shut up or I'll have you paved." Which episode is it from?

    Princess Gwen [Mike] to the lowly peasant [Peter] in The Fairy Tale

    Reference: The Fairy Tale episode


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