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From when The Monkees' 1st album came out until May 1970 when Davy & Micky duo'd in Changes, there have been hundreds or possibly thousands of unique releases in the US & Worldwide Market.

                Starting from their 1st album, The Monkees on Colgems, there were both Mono & Stereo Versions (COM 101 & COM102, released October 1966). The Original version of the first album had a misspelled name on the cover & label for the song "Papa Gene's Blues." This song was misspelled with the spelling of "Gene" spelled "Jean" as in a woman's name. The corrected reissue albums were labeled COM 101-RE & COS 101-RE. The 1st album was very popular & easy to find with the incorrect spelling version being more difficult. Many of the easy to find ones were in poor condition.

                The second Album was More Of The Monkees (COM 102 & COS 102 released January 1967). This album is very easy to find also, with many great tracks on it including: When Love Comes Knockin' at your Door, Steppin' Stone (actually not one of my favorites), Here Comes Tomorrow, Sometime In The Morning & I'm A Believer.

                The third album was Headquarters (COM 103 & COS 103 released June 1967). This album was later released as COM 103-RE & COS 103-RE.This version was known as the "Beards" cover because it removed a picture of the producers on the reverse of the cover.on the bottom, in the middle. The picture was replaced by a picture of the group including Micky. Mike & Peter with beards. This album is more difficult to find, very hard to find with a cover in nice condition.

                The fourth album was Pisces. Aquarius. Capricorn & Jones Ltd (COM 104 & COS 104 released November 1967). A very neat cover showing outlines of all 4 (no faces), in a garden of cartoon flowers. Many copies out there have had faces drawn in my their original fans. This album is also fairly easy to find, again condition is a big factor.

                The fifth album was The Birds. The Bees & The Monkees (COM 109 & COS 109 (Thanks, Gary :) released May 1968). This was the last standard release Mono LP for The Monkees & it's very difficult to find a Mono version (I paid close to $500 for mine). This was also the last standard release album of The Monkees' original albums that featured all four of The Group.

                The sixth album was actually Head (COSO 5008 released December 1968). It did include all four of the group in the soundtrack to their movie Head. It was a movie before it's time & very worthwhile to watch over & over. A nice collectible, relatively hard to find, with a nice reflective cover. Lots of nice tracks on this album also.

                The seventh album was Instant Replay (COS 113 released February 1969). Peter left the group for this one & now the albums are starting to get a little more difficult to find (again, especially in nice condition).

                The eighth album was Present (COS 117 released October 1969). This has some nice unique tracks on it, very nice ones by Nesmith.

                The ninth & last regular original release album was Changes (COS 119 released May 1970). Mike has left the group for this one. so only Davy & Micky remain. This was my first collectible & is much harder to find than any of the first eight (excluding some of the previous unique ones).

                There you have it, the standard release albums. How many non Monkees fans would believe that they released so many?

                Now you may wonder how there could be possibly thousands of unique releases of Monkees recordings. Add to the list many greatest hits compilations, re-issues of original albums, etc & multiply them by many different countries including: The US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, France, Great Britain, Australia, Taiwan, Chile, Argentina, Etc.

                We also need to include Promo Copies, Singles, Cassettes, 8-tracks, Reel-To-Reels, EP's, Solo Albums & Bootlegs (we don't promote bootlegs but there are enough out there to at least consider them in collectibles). There is PLENTY for everyone to collect & it would be almost impossible to collect everything.

                Here is a list of the original release US Singles. all on Colgems Labels:

    1) Last Train To Clarksville/Take A Giant Step (66-1001 August 1966) This single had 4 different sleeves (2 each of B&W & Color)

    2) Steppin Stone/I'm A believer (66-1002 November 1966)

    3) A Little Bit Me. A Little Bit You/She Hangs Out (66-1003 March 1967) No picture sleeve in US

    3a) A Little Bit Me. A Little Bit You/The Girl I knew (66-1004 March 1967) No picture sleeve in US

    4) Pleasant Valley Sunday/Words (56-1007 July 1967)

    5) Daydream Believer/Goin' Down (66-1012 October 1967)

    6) Valleri/Tapioca Tundra (66-1019 March 1968) No picture sleeve in US

    7) D.W. Washburn/It's Nice To Be With You (66-1023 July 1968)

8) Porpoise Song/As We Go Along (66-1031 October 1968) From "Head"

    9) Teardrop City/A Man Without A Dream (66-5000 March 1969) Minus Peter

    10) Listen To The Band/Someday Man (66-5004 July 1969) Minus Peter

    11) Good Clean Fun/Mommy & Daddy (66-5005 October 1969) Minus Peter

    12) Oh My My/I Love You Better (66-5011 June 1970) Only Davy & Micky

             Those are the basic US recordings. I myself started my Monkees interest as a listener. I'm "young enough" to say I unfortunately don't remember too much about the 1st album when it came out (I was 4 years old) . but I do remember hearing their songs on the radio & watched reruns on Saturdays as a child.

                 There is a great book by Marty Eck "The Monkees Collectibles Price Guide." It came out in late 1997. You can purchase it in this page if you'd like by clicking HERE. It's so hard to price collectibles, some times it comes down to what people will pay for the items. Most items I've seen have actually sold for more than in Marty's book but it's a great guide with tons of collectibles pictures & great Monkees history. He has far more collectibles than I could ever hope to have.

                I hope you have fun looking through the "recordings" section of this page. as well of the rest of the page. This is a hobby for me. I occasionally come across extras in my collection that I put up in the Monkees Items For Sale link, so check it frequently for updates.

Please send feedback, I listen to you & look forward to your comments.


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